Oliz Store launches Nanoleaf products in Nepal!

Nanoleaf in Nepal price in nepal availability
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Are you obsessed with RGB? Or good lighting in general? Then we have a really good news for you! The famous lighting brand, Nanoleaf, has now made its way to Nepal. Here in this article, we will discuss further about Nanoleaf, their products and price in Nepal, and so on.

Nanoleaf Products in Nepal Overview:

Who is Nanoleaf?

Nanoleaf is a consumer electronic manufacturer that specialises in LED lighting systems. It was founded by three engineering graduates, Gimmy Chu, Tom Rodinger, and Christian Yan. All three of them graduated from the University of Toronto and were also working on the company on the side. Later, they quit their jobs and dedicated themselves full-time to the company.

They sourced their investment through crowdfunding of USD 250,000, which was over 12 times the amount of their initial goal of USD 20,000. Now, they operate through three headquarters from Toronto, Paris, and Shenzen and are available in large parts of the world. Similarly, they have also made their way to Nepal via Oliz Store.

What are available?

If we were to sum up what Nanoleaf products are available in one word, then it’d be “Lights!”. But that doesn’t do justice to the types of products that are being offered. Now, we will be discussing the Neoleaf offerings in detail:

1. Smart Bulb

Nanoleaf Essential Matter A19 Smart Bulb

The first Neoleaf offering is a smart bulb that you can personalise the colour through the app or by voice. The app is available on both Android and iOS. Whereas, for voice control, you need to have a Matter-compatible smart home hub and thread border router. Devices like Apple HomePod mini and Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) double as matter hubs and thread border routers. A single Nanoleaf Essentials Matter A19 Smart Bulb and a bundle of three such bulbs are available under this product category.

2. Light strips

Secondly, we have light strips from the company that work similarly to the smart bulbs. You can personalise the colour from 16 million available choices. You can also control the colours through the App or voice with matter over the thread. The Nanoleaf Essentials Matter Lightstrip Starter Kit and Lightstrip Expansion are available under this category.

3. Modular Light

Nanoleaf Lines 60 degrees

Next, Nanoleaf product available is modular lights that can be combined with one another to create a design of choice. You can also personalise and control these stick-shaped lights in a similar way to previous products. Here, you get smart features like Rhythm Music Visualiser, Screen Mirror, and more. The Nanoleaf Lines 60 Degrees Smarter Kit White and its expansion packs are available under this category.

4. Wall Light

Nanoleaf Shapes Wall Light

You get a wide variety of selection choices under this category. You can install this Nanoleaf product on walls and craft your own design accordingly. It packs a plethora of smart features, such as Rhythm Music Visualiser, Screen Mirror, Touch, Schedules, and more. The products are similar for the most part, except for their shapes. It is available in triangles (black and white), mini triangles, squares, and hexagons (white and elemental). Their expansion packs are also available under this category.

5. Screen mirroring Technology

Nanoleaf Screen Mirroring tech

As the name suggests, this equipment detects the content on your screen and projects similar lighting onto the walls. It detects the colours with the help of a camera that needs to be mounted on the screen. You get 4 various modes of colour syncs starting from 1D to 4D. It also allows you a wide level of customisation through the Nanoleaf mobile as well as desktop apps. Lastly, it is available in two different sizes, i.e., for screens up to 65” and for screens up to 85” in size.

Nanoleaf Products Price in Nepal and Availability

The Nanoleaf products in price in Nepal start from NPR 2,950 and are available to purchase from Oliz Store’s official website as well as at their physical store. Here are the prices of all the available Nanoleaf products:

S.N. Nanoleaf Products Price in Nepal
1 Essential Lightstrip Expansion (1m) (Each) NPR 2,950
2 Essential Matter A19 Smart Bulb (Each) NPR 2,950
3 Canvas Expansion Square White 4 Pack Panels Only NPR 7,500
4 Essential Matter A19 Smart Bulb (3 Pack) NPR 7,500
5 Essential Matter Lightstrip Smarter Kit (2nm) NPR 7,500
6 Elements Hexagons Expansion Pack (3 Panels) NPR 10,500
7 Lines 60 Degrees Expansion Pack White (3 Lines) NPR 10,500
8 Shapes Hexagons Expansion Pack White (3 Panels) NPR 10,500
9 Shapes Triangles Expansion Pack White (3 Panels) NPR 10,500
10 4D Screen Mirror + Lightstrip Kit (TV & Monitors up to 65”) NPR 15,500
11 4D Screen Mirror + Lightstrip Kit (TV & Monitors up to 85”) NPR 18,500
12 Shapes Mini Triangles Starter Kit (9 Panels) NPR 23,500
13 Canvas Smarter Kit Square White 9 Packs NPR 26,500
14 Lines 60 Degrees Smarter Kit White (9 Lines) NPR 29,500
15 Shapes Hexagons Smarter Kit White (9 Panels) NPR 29,500
16 Shapes Triangles Starter Kit White (9 Panels) NPR 29,500
17 Elements Hexagons Starter Kit (7 panels) NPR 31,500
18 Shapes Triangles Starter Kit Black (9 Panels) NPR 31,500
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