Oneplus 6: All the rumors in one place

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OnePlus has always been one of the smartphone manufacturers that comes up with a top-notch functioning smartphone. It is not the first time that a Chinese company has surprised us with their smartphones. Right from Oneplus one the company has kept the customers on the hook.

Its recent release OnePlus 5T, which was released at the end of November last year is still holding strong to the market. the OnePlus smartphones have always given us a reason to keep our hopes high on the smooth functioning of the phone. Near-stock Android has always been a magnetic force for the ones who desire smooth functioning.

As per the rumors, we are not very far from yet another release from OnePlus. The smartphone is codenamed ‘A6000’. The A6000 might be officially named OnePlus 6 looking at its trend of naming the smartphones.

This flagship from the Chinese manufacturer OnePlus is rumored to be priced around £500. As to how the new OnePlus 6 might look, we can take a hint from the Oppo R15 as it is the guardian company for OnePlus. The phone will be having a dual rear camera. Horizontal or vertical? Not yet decided as different rumors have it different.

Well, ready for some tragic nostalgia? The OnePlus 6 will probably sport a notch as the iPhone X and Essential PH-1 phone does. Hope, this rumor doesn’t turn into a reality. Apart from that, it is also said that the smartphone would possess near bezel-less display with 19:9 aspect ratio. That might make it one of the smartphones with the biggest screen for 2018.

The fingerprint sensor will be placed at the back as it has recently moved it from the front in its OnePlus 5T.

It is said to feature a Snapdragon 845 chipset. We can expect some fast functioning of the smartphone. Not just going by the version of the chipset but AnTuTu score of 276,510 speaks for itself.

On the screen part, it will probably shift from Full HD to a Quad-HD with its new release. At least that’s what we expect.

That’s all we have of the ‘OnePlus 6’ as of now. The smartphone will probably release in the second quarter of this year. Only then, we’ll be confirmed of the specs. Until then, rumors are the only source which, we know can’t be trusted as much. MOSTLY.

OnePlus 6 Specifications (rumored):

  • Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845
  • Display: 5.7-6.0 inch Optic AMOLED panel with near bezel-less display and a notch on the top
  • Resolution: Quad-HD+ (3040 x 1440 pixels), 19:9 aspect ratio
  • Camera: Vertical dual rear cameras at the back
  • RAM: 6/8GB
  • Internal storage: 64/128GB
  • Rear-mounted Fingerprint Sensor
  • Face Unlock feature
  • Glass back
  • Water resistant body
  • Wireless charging
  • Price: $600 (around)