Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 announced with 500 days battery, AR Find mode

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 Price in Nepal
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Two years after the release of SmartTag and SmartTag+, Samsung has decided to release its second generation. The tag looks completely different from their older version and boats nearly 2 years of battery life on power-saving mode. So, let’s get into the recently announced Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2, its specifications, and expected price in Nepal.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 Overview:

What are tracker tags?

If you don’t know about AirTags, the tracker tag is a small gadget made for finding lost objects. If you are insecure about some items, baggage, or even pets getting lost, these trackers can get your job done.

So how it works is: whenever a compatible device passes by, it uses Bluetooth to communicate with that device. Then these devices send the actual location of the tracker to the cloud which eventually crawls its way up to the actual owner’s app.


Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 features a complete redesign compared to its predecessors. Instead of a square, the company has gone with an oblong shape. The hole is much bigger, so much so that you can even insert your finger inside. Further, with a solid metal loop, the tag can attach to larger handles in bags and luggage. Also, the IP67 rating comes in handy when the SmartTag has to face water or dust.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 Design

Improved Tracking

Building up from its previous version, the Galaxy SmartTag2 inherits both Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Ultrawide bandwidth (UWB) capabilities. Much like the Plus version, Augmented Reality (AR) Find technology helps the user to visually find the tracker using the phone’s camera in conjunction with AR.

Additionally, there is a better Compass View, pointing arrows to show the direction and the distance of SmartTag2 with regard to the user. However, this mode can only be accessed using Galaxy phones supporting UWB. The SmartThings Find app now features a full-screen map view and, according to Samsung, an intuitive interface for easier tracking, which brings us to the next point.

SmartThings Find app

SmartThings Find app gets a brand-new update alongside the release of SmartTag2. This allows the addition of shortcuts for newly registered tags for easier access. Moreover, the app also automatically re-syncs the tag to your Galaxy device using a Samsung account.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 SmartThings Find

Battery and others

Under normal circumstances, the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 lasts 500 days at max. Nevertheless, this time around, this tracking device also gets a separate power-saving mode that makes it last 700 days (nearly 2 years).

Users also have the choice to input their contact details in case they lose the item in some way. If any other person finds it, they can scan the SmartTag2 to retrieve those details of the owner and reach them, all thanks to Lost Mode.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 Specifications:

  • Design: Oblong shaped
  • IP rating: IP67
  • Connections: Bluetooth LE, UWB
  • Features: AR Find, Compass view, Full-screen map, Lost Mode
  • App: SmartThings Find
  • Battery: 500 days (normal mode), 700 days (power-saving mode)

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 Price in Nepal

The newest tag from Samsung costs USD 30 globally. This means the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 might slide into the Nepali market at the price of NPR 5000 or more. This is a pure assumption and might change at launch.

SmartThings Price in the US (Expected) Price in Nepal (Assumption)
Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 USD 30 NPR 5000