Samsung announces SmartThings Station to elevate your smart home experience

Samsung SmartThings Price in Nepal
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At CES 2023, Samsung has unveiled a new product called the SmartThings Station. It’s a 2-in-1 device that allows you to easily control and manage all of your connected devices through a single interface. And also let you use it as a wireless charging pad. More about the Samsung SmartThings Station and its expected price in Nepal here. 

Samsung SmartThings Station Overview:

The SmartThings Station is a device that aims to simplify the process of managing your smart home. It acts as a hub for all of your connected devices, allowing you to control and automate different aspects of your home environment from a single device.

Setting it up is quite easy and straightforward. When you first turn it on, a pop-up message will appear on your compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphone, guiding you through the setup process. You can also use your smartphone or tablet to set up the device by scanning QR codes.

Create suitable routines

One of the convenient features of this hub is the physical button, known as the Smart Button. Located at the hub’s pad, this button can be used to activate pre-programmed routines that control all of your smart home devices. Matter of fact, you can create these routines in the SmartThings app.

Samsung SmartThings Create Routines

You could, for example, create a night routine that includes turning off lights, closing blinds, and lowering the temperature. It can then be activated via a quick tap of the Smart Button before going to bed.

The SmartThings Station can store up to three different routines, which can be activated by a short, long, or double press. And obviously, you can control your routines from afar by using the SmartThings app on your smartphone or tablet. 

SmartThings Find

Samsung SmartThings Find

Furthermore, the smart hub can be used to track your device. If you can’t find a phone or other device that’s connected to your SmartThings hub, you can use the SmartThings Find feature to find it. You can simply double-press the button on the pad to enable it. And this will cause the connected device to ring, making it easier to find.

Charging Pad

Samsung SmartThings Wireless Charging

As aforementioned, the SmartThings station also functions as a charging pad, with a charging speed of 15W. You can even opt to receive notifications when the charging is complete.

Samsung SmartThings Station Price in Nepal and Availability

As for the pricing, it costs USD 60 and will be available in US and Korea in early 2023. We expect the price of the Samsung SmartThings Station to be NPR 4,999, if and when it launches in Nepal.