Samsung Galaxy Watch to join the “FE” gang too!

Samsung Galaxy Watch FE Rumours
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We recently heard the rumour that the Samsung Galaxy S24 FE was under the works. Meanwhile, the buzz about Samsung foldables receiving the “FE” update has been going around for a while too. Apparently, another Samsung device is joining the “FE” gang now — the Galaxy Watch! In this article, we will discuss all that we know of the Samsung Galaxy Watch FE so far.

Samsung Galaxy Watch FE Rumours Round-up


Initially, the South Korean tech giant was rumoured to be launching a new variant of the Galaxy Watch 4 alongside the Tab S6 Lite (2024). However, we did not see it pan out. Instead, the tablet was out silently and did not receive much noise whatsoever. In the meantime, there were no signs of this Galaxy Watch 4 (2024) either.

Samsung Galaxy Watch FE Leak

Surprise, surprise! There will be no Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (2024) — instead — we will be getting the Samsung Galaxy Watch FE! This news comes from some clues the Android Headlines team got their hands on. Herein, we can see the market name of the watch, the manufacturer, and three different model numbers of the watch. This hints that the Samsung Galaxy Watch FE will be available in the global (F), the US (U), and the Korean (N) market.

What to expect?

I have already stated that the Samsung Galaxy Watch FE will more or less be a rebrand of the Galaxy Watch 4 that launched back in 2021. As such, it will probably come in round casing. Or they might go square perhaps?

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2013

Other than that, the watch will likely receive a software update and boot on the latest Google Wear OS. Meanwhile, it should have the same flagship-like features and functionality.

Samsung Galaxy Watch FE Launch and Availability

There is barely any information on this FE model of the Galaxy Watch as of now. However, we can assume that it will cover more budget-friendly space. Maybe, around USD 100 to 150 range?

Now the last remaining question — when will it launch? Well… there are no words as of yet. However, looking at the rumoured slate of the Galaxy Unpacked event supposedly happening in July — it will probably not launch this time around. Perhaps a namedrop at best? We will just have to wait and see.

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