Sony announces “Project Q” PlayStation handheld to stream PS5 games

Sony Project Q PlayStation Handheld Announced
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The rumors were true—Sony is indeed working on a handheld PlayStation. Today, the company announced Project Q at the PlayStation Showcase amidst all the new trailer releases. So, let’s get into the specs, features, and everything we know about the Sony Project Q PlayStation handheld.

[Update: Sony has officially announced PlayStation Portal for USD 200]

Sony Project Q PlayStation Handheld:

Before you start comparing Project Q with Steam Deck and Asus ROG Ally, it is a different concept altogether. Instead of being dedicated handheld hardware, Project Q is designed to go with PlayStation 5, like an accessory. It won’t play any games natively but will stream them over the Wi-Fi as long as the game is not based on VR and is installed on your PlayStation. Sony Project Q will rely on Sony’s proprietary Remote Play for the same.

Remote Play is currently available on all major platforms, including Android and iOS. It allows users to stream games from their PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on compatible devices over a Wi-Fi connection. It is most effective when streaming games from different rooms in the same house, so it’s interesting to see if this will also be a limitation on Project Q.

Sony Project Q Early Renders

As the device is still pretty much in development, there was not much to discuss at the event. Still, Sony confirmed that the Project Q will feature an 8-inch LCD screen. The device will also have all the controls and haptics of the DualSense wireless controller. According to the press release, Project Q will be capable of running 1080P games at 60fps.

PlayStation Earbuds

Sony also announced that the company is launching the first PlayStation wireless earbuds. It will be compatible with PlayStation 5 and PC. At the heart of the earbuds will be a new lossless audio tech developed by Sony itself.

Sony PlayStation Earbuds

Sony Project Q and PlayStation Earbuds Lunch Date

The Project Q and PlayStation Eearbuds will have an official launch later this year. Sony has not given any specific date to look out for since the two PlayStation 5 accessories are still in development.