Xiaomi broadens its horizon with a new Mechanical Watch

xiaomi mechanical watch t-series ciga design
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For a long time, Xiaomi has been known to deviate in areas outside of smartphones. Xiaomi has all kinds of devices – from laptops, televisions, and power banks; to electric scooters and robot builders!

Now, along the same lines, Xiaomi has come up with T-series CIGA Mechanical Watch. While it does not offer any fitness tracking and notification features like the Mi Bands; the T-Series watch focuses on premium aesthetics and craftsmanship. So, if you’re a fan of gadgets with transparent design, then, this watch will surely grab your attention.

xiaomi t-series watch ciga design

It features a fully transparent body exposing all the mechanical internals of the watch. The casing features a 360-degree view of the insides which allows you to see both the bottom and top insides of the watch.

The purely mechanical watch doesn’t feature any other component other than the mechanical parts. The design is minimalist however, with the finishing giving it a classy and premium look.

xiaomi ciga design mechanical watch

The watch will set you back $101 and according to reports, the watch will be available in two versions with a black and red watch band. Usually, mechanical watches have a business exec accessory-like outlook due to leather straps they mostly feature. However, the CIGA Design mechanical watch looks sporty due to rubber straps.

I don’t know what Xiaomi’s thinking with this. There already are premium watch brands in the market. Of course, this one is a lot more affordable option. So, let’s see how this turns out for the company.