YesCart is a brand new e-commerce platform in Nepal promising only genuine products

YesCart e-commerce marketplace launched in Nepal genuine products
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As the trend of online shopping in Nepal continues to grow, new players continue to emerge. Adding to that list is YesCart, which promises to effectively solve the most daunting problems Nepali customers have been facing with the existing e-commerce sites in the country.

YesCart: What is it?

YesCart is a brainchild of IoT Incorporation Pvt. Ltd., which is a subsidiary of Vatsal Impex Pvt. Ltd. under the Sharda Group umbrella. Registered under the “” domain, this marketplace looks to be a cohesive platform that benefits both the end customers and the merchants selling their products.

At launch, the company says it’s targeting the millennial and Gen Z customer base because of their effective access to the internet and familiarity with such online shopping portals. Speaking at the press event, Mr. Saral Acharya (Head of E-commerce, IoT Incorporation) highlighted how YesCart’s biggest selling point would be the fact that you’ll only find genuine products on the platform.

According to a self-conducted survey by the company, out of 500 people, 67% of them had quality issues when shopping online. Besides lackluster product quality, they had problems with delivery and payment processing as well. But Mr. Acharya assures that shoppers will face no such unnecessary obstacles on YesCart. And there are a couple of reassuring foundations behind those claims.

First, as I mentioned earlier, this Business-to-Consumer (B2C) marketplace will only host products from authentic brands—on top of seasonal on-demand suppliers and normal retailers that adhere to the company’s core principles and business standards. So, you can expect 100% genuine products when shopping on YesCart.

Strong headstart

The company is particularly proud of its team and partner organizations too. Backed by Sharda Group, it definitely has a great head start heading into the competition. This means brands will also have more confidence in teaming up with YesCart to sell their product.

But all of this means diddly-squat to end consumers, if the product price and the service level aren’t better than the sorry state of existing e-commerce platforms in Nepal as revealed the company’s own survey… right?

YesCart - Homepage

Covering that ground, YesCart says it’s setting multiple metrics to ensure A-grade customer satisfaction. From authentic products, a big content catalog, secure payment integration, to likely recommendations, it’s guaranteeing a complete online shopping experience. Oh, apart from the website, YesCart’s Android app is already live on Google Play Store.

And, it’ll be available on Apple’s App Store shortly as well. For now, payment options include Cash on Delivery (COD) and a couple of digital wallets like eSewa and Khalti. Apart from this, integrating bank payment options is in the works.

Additionally, you can avail of a flat 20% discount right now (up to Rs. 500) when making pre-payment via Khalti. There’s also a redeemable Rs. 200 early bird voucher if you sign up to the platform right now. On top of this, it will be issuing loyalty bonuses to regular customers as well. But exactly how that’ll pan out is a bit unclear. YesCart ensures easy return, refund policies too.

What can I shop for at YesCart?

With names like Sharda Group and Vatsal Impex in the mix, it’s easy to decode that YesCart will primarily be a hub for consumer electronics and home appliances. And browsing its homepage reveals the same. As of now, the company says they’ve partnered up with 20 – 30 suppliers; while that number is bound to grow in the coming days.

In the consumer electronics department, you can find products from brands like:

Xiaomi OnePlus Honor EZVIZ
Redmi Realme LG Awei
POCO OPPO Dell CoClean
Apple Fitbit HP Orient Electric
Samsung Mobvoi Hitachi

These brands entail smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, TVs, wearables, home security solutions, and appliances like refrigerators and washing machines.

Besides this, YesCart hosts lifestyle/fashion apparel from Attire Nepal, Vans, Converse, etc., and other assorted products like musical instruments. Unfortunately, people outside the Kathmandu Valley are gonna have to wait a while before the company extends its area of service to other regions of the country as well.

And as far as product delivery is concerned, it is promising a maximum of 48 hours of delivery time within the Kathmandu Valley. Yet, that may be different to customers elsewhere once YesCart eventually sets its foot in other regions. Interestingly, Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO even smartphones enjoy same-day delivery.

What’s in it for merchants?

Because YesCart is a marketplace, it’s gotta bring lucrative benefits to other merchants selling their products on the platform as well. For this, Mr. Acharya points that merchants can reap benefits from the system’s wide array of features. This includes an easy-to-use back-end portal with a business-centric user interface, catalog management, customized campaigns, and more.

The company will also be actively promoting its platform across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Messenger. On the other hand, it will be partnering with other companies with a significant digital footprint for affiliate marketing opportunities too.

YesCart E-commerce Marketplace: Final Words

Wrapping it all up, YesCart looks to be an interesting new player in Nepal’s e-commerce scenario. Promising genuine products and loads of other benefits to both buyers and sellers, we can’t wait to see what the future holds up for the company. For now, we’d like to wish the entire team at YesCart all the luck and are looking forward to seeing all those promises kept.

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