Google brings Locked Folder, Night Sight video to Pixel phones in the latest update

Google Pixel Phone June feature drop
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Honor X9b Ad

Google had its I/O conference last month, during which the company announced Android 12 and a raft of other features. And now, feature drop for the month of June for Google Pixel phones has gone live that delivers plenty of new features.

Google Pixel phones June feature drop:

Photos and Camera gets updated

At I/O 2021, Google revealed the “Locked Folder” for your photos. It’s a local space on your device that you don’t want to automatically sync with your Google Photos account. It is also password-protected, so anyone who knows your sign-in information cannot directly access it. 


Now, on the Camera app, one can take photos/videos directly into the Locked Folder for storage. You can also move your existing images to the folder.

Next, the Camera app will get a Night Sight video feature for astrophotography lovers. You can now record or photograph starry skies—but of course, you must be patient and have a tripod or really steady hands for such long exposure shots. This feature will be accessible on Pixel 4 and newer models.

Google Pride Wallpaper

Furthermore, Ashton Attzs has created new Pixel-exclusive Pride wallpapers. Likewise, LGBTQ+ artists and YouTube Creators have teamed up for Pride-themed ringtones and alerts.

Pixel is now smarter

Google Assistant can now help you with incoming phone calls. Simply saying “Hey Google, answer call” or “Hey Google, reject call” can wake up the assistant that lets you answer/reject the incoming call.

Google Gboard

GBoard’s clipboard has become more context-aware too. That is, when you copy text containing phone numbers, email addresses, or URLs, key snippets of text will be suggested in the clipboard. When you send it to the recipient and he/she clicks on them, they will be led to the relevant applications, such as Gmail for email.

Rest of the updates in June feature drop for Google Pixel phones

Other than this, the June feature drop for Google Pixel phones brings the Call Screen application to Japan. It helps to avoid spam calls by answering unknown numbers to find out the identity of the caller. Similarly, in Spain, Ireland, and Singapore, car crash detection will be offered in their Personal safety app.

Last but not least, the transcriber app Recorder will be accessible in more English dialects. It includes Singaporean, Australian, Irish, and British English. By the end of July, the app will be accessible for Pixel 3 and newer phones.

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