Lenovo Legion Go gaming handheld leaks online with detachable joysticks

Lenovo Legion Go rumors
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Lenovo, a well-known name in the tech world, is making headlines once again. The company recently moved out of the gaming smartphone market but is not doing so from mobile gaming. A recent report from Windows Report has leaked a new Lenovo Legion Go gaming handheld. Let’s delve into the rumors of the upcoming Legion Go handheld by Lenovo.

Lenovo Legion Go Gaming Handheld Expected Overview:

Unique Design: Inspired by Nintendo Switch

It looks like Lenovo got inspired by Nintendo Switch‘s design. The Legion Go handheld will introduce detachable controllers on both sides, similar to the Switch’s popular “joy-cons.” But Lenovo does more by adding RGB lighting around the dual joysticks. Furthermore, the right controller boasts a trackpad featuring navigation for the Windows 11 interface.

Power and Performance

The Legion Go will come with an AMD Ryzen 7040 “Phoenix” series chipset. There is also a rumor that the device will feature an 8-inch touchscreen display framed by slim bezels. However, the exact details are not official yet.


For connectivity, the Legion Go will come with a microSD card, power, and volume buttons, and we will probably get to see two USB-C ports. Furthermore, the back of the device will feature a built-in kickstand for easy gameplay.

Rest of the features

The handheld will offer a number of buttons, both standard and innovative. M1 and M2 shoulder buttons, along with additional M3 and M4 buttons. The right controller will have a scroll wheel too. There is a leak, and the device will have a large cooling vent. The left controller will boast Y1 and Y2 buttons on the back for customizable offering options for gamers.

Lenovo Legion Go Price and Availability

As we eagerly await more information and the device’s official launch, both gamers and tech enthusiasts are holding their breath to see how the Legion Go could potentially shake up the gaming landscape. There are not any leaks about the price and availability of the Legion Go. We will update this article once everything goes official with the price and availability in Nepal as well. Till then, TOODLES!