Sony Bravia TV Price in Nepal [Updated]

Sony Bravia TV Price in Nepal Smart TV 4K UHD LED
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Nowadays, TVs are slim and lightweight, have a wide viewing angle, a bright display that reproduces true colors, and can even act as a control hub for different AIoT devices. And among the long lineup of such advanced TVs, Sony’s Bravia series is one of them. In this list, we’ll go over all of the Sony Bravia TV models that are officially available in Nepal, as well as their latest price.

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Moreover, if you’re looking to buy a Sony Bravia TV in Nepal, now is a great time as the price on most models is being discounted by 10%. Apart from this, Sony Nepal is offering a Bhatbhateni supermarket voucher worth up to Rs. 12,000 as a part of its “Dashain Tihar 2078 Big Festival Offer” as well.

Sony Bravia TV Price in Nepal:

Bravia LED TV (Non-smart)

Starting off the list are the regular non-smart TVs under Sony’s Bravia portfolio. These are LED-backlit televisions with decent picture quality and compatibility with the Dolby Digital audio system. It is available in either 32″ and 40″ models. Furthermore, the port availability on these TVs is quite good, with USB and HDMI connectivity choices available.

Model Key Specs Price in Nepal
32R302E 32”, HD (1366 x 768 px) Rs. 42,000
40R352E 40”, FHD (1920 x 1080 px) Rs. 55,000

Bravia Full-HD Smart LED TV

Let us now look at Sony Bravia FHD TVs which are smart TVs, meaning they enjoy internet connectivity. With the built-in WiFi, you can surf the web, watch movies on YouTube, Netflix, or stream through other available options.

They also have Sony’s “X-Reality PRO” picture processing, which improves the clarity and reduces the noise of each pixel on the screen. Some models in this category also have HDR for improved contrast and ClearAudio+ for a more immersive audio experience.

Model Key Specs Price in Nepal
43W660G 43”, Full HD (1920 x 1080 px) Rs. 78,000 70,200
50W660G 50”, Full HD (1920 x 1080 px) Rs. 100,000 90,000

Bravia 4K HDR Smart LED TV

Next up is Sony’s pristine 4K HDR LED TVs. A higher resolution means sharper image quality, and these deliver just that. Besides a sharper display itself, Sony’s TRILUMINOS display on these TVs also have excellent color reproduction with a wider color gamut, thus delivering a larger shade of each color.

The edge-lit LED display also features the 4K X-Reality PRO for better picture processing. In terms of audio, you get powerful 10W + 10W speakers with DTS Digital Surround audio and ClearAudio+ sound processing. Unfortunately, Bravia 4K HDR Smart LED TVs are not available in the market today. Nepa Hima might update the lineup with the latest models sometime in the future.

Bravia 4K HDR Android / Google TV

While the Smart TVs earlier in this list had internet access, app support, and everything else, their operating system was Linux. That implies you’ll have limited app access and so on. On the contrary, we have Sony’s full-fledged Android TV, which is the more commonly acknowledged standard.

Anyway, they have features like TRILUMINOS display, ClearAudio+, 4K X-Reality PRO, and so on. You can find 55, 65 and 75″ variants of the Sony Bravia 4K HDR LED TVs with Android TV OS in Nepal.

Model Key Specs Price in Nepal
55X7500H 55”, UHD (3840 x 2160 px), 4K HDR Rs. 155,000 139,500
55X8000H 55”, UHD (3840 x 2160 px), 4K HDR Rs. 185,000 166,500
65X7500H 65”, UHD (3840 x 2160 px), 4K HDR Rs. 210,000 189,000
65X8000H 65”, UHD (3840 x 2160 px), 4K HDR Rs. 365,000
75X8000H 75”, UHD (3840 x 2160 px), 4K HDR Rs. 475,000 427,500

Aside from that, Nepa Hima has brought Sony TVs with the newer Google TV standard as well. But isn’t Android and Google TV the same thing? In short, no. Google TV is essentially a rebranded version of Android TV with additional functionality and a few design modifications.

It means Google TV’s core codebase is still Android. But this new iteration caters with a greater emphasis on personalized content and tailored recommendations.

Model Key Specs Price in Nepal
55X80J 55”, UHD (3840 x 2160 px), 4K HDR, Google TV Rs. 218,000 196,200
65X80J 65”, UHD (3840 x 2160 px), 4K HDR, Google TV Rs. 275,000 247,500

Sony Bravia 4K HDR Android OLED TV

Moving on, Sony’s Bravia OLED TVs are the belle of the ball among the company’s lineup of televisions, so to speak. OLED, as you might know, has an infinite contrast ratio since each pixel on this type of display can be turned on/off depending on the content. Therefore, you’ll get darker dark, and brighter brights compared to regular LED TVs.

Unfortunately, Sony’s OLED TVs aren’t available right now. However, we can expect newer models in the future.

Where to buy Sony Bravia TV in Nepal?

You can visit Sony showrooms in Kantipath, Labim Mall (second floor), or in Jawalakhel to buy Sony TVs in Nepal. Or, you can call/message on any one of the contact information provided below. By purchasing Sony TV from official sources, you will get 2 years of full warranty and 1 year of service warranty as well.

Head Office:
Bakhundole, Lalitpur: 5550705

SONY Center:
Kantipath: 4250305
Jawalakhel: 5526300
SONY Care: 4259289
Mail: [email protected]

Sony Bravia TV Price in Nepal [Summary 2021]

Sony Bravia TV Model Size & Resolution Price in Nepal
MRP Offer Price
32R302E 32” HD Rs. 42,000
40R352E 40” FHD Rs. 55,000
43W660G 43” FHD Rs. 78,000 Rs. 70,200
50W660G 55” FHD Rs. 100,000 Rs. 90,000
55X7500H 55” 4K UHD Rs. 155,000 Rs. 139,500
55X8000H 55” 4K UHD Rs. 185,000 Rs. 166,500
65X7500H 65” 4K UHD Rs. 210,000 Rs. 189,000
65X8000H 65” 4K UHD Rs. 365,000
75X8000H 75” 4K UHD Rs. 475,000 Rs. 427,500
55X80J (Google TV) 55”, 4K UHD Rs. 218,000 Rs. 196,200
65X80J (Google TV) 65”, 4K UHD Rs. 275,000 Rs. 247,500

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