Two new Nothing earbuds are coming — with a new naming convention!

Nothing Ear Announcement
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Nothing’s earbuds have been iconic in some shape or form so far. Recently the company announced that they will be resetting the naming convention of the product while also launching two new earbuds. This article will look into the upcoming Nothing Ear and Ear (a) including the history of their earbuds alongside the new naming and its implications.

Nothing Ear and Ear (a) Overview


At this moment, not much is known about the products themselves. However, the company has put a great emphasis on the design dubbing it the “ultimate iteration”. This suggests that the company has reached an endpoint with the design and we will not see many tweaks hereafter.


Additionally, the company also announced resetting the naming scheme for its audio lineup. So far, they have launched three earbuds. Firstly, they started the lineup and the company with the launch of Nothing Ear (1) in 2021. Two years later, they followed up with the Nothing Ear (2). In the meantime, they launched the Nothing Ear (Stick) in between. But these half-in-ear earbuds seem to be irrelevant and forgotten at the moment.

Carl Pei Nothing

Moving on, Nothing is dropping the numbering from their product names. This means the upcoming iteration of the earbuds will not be dubbed “Nothing Ear (3)”. Instead, the company will be sticking with “Nothing Ear” only.

Meanwhile, a more affordable wireless earphone will be sharing the stage with the upcoming “Nothing Ear”. Following in the footsteps of their phones, these budget earbuds will be dubbed the “Nothing Ear (a)”.

The new naming

The company cites that stripping the numbers from the name will allow “to centre the focus around the product and the unique experience it delivers for each user.” Now what does that mean? To me, it sounds like a bunch of “nothing”.

Nothing Ear Evolution

The bottom line is that this design-focused company has finally decided on the design of their audio products and they will be sticking to it hereafter. Therefore, the upcoming earbuds will be a milestone when you look back at it. And in order to signify the gravitas, the company is switching up the naming trend.


Now, it’s cool and all that Nothing has reached its final destination with its earbuds’ design. However, it opens up a new confusion regarding the future offering. How are we going to identify this Nothing Ear from the one that will launch a year later? Perhaps we will have to slap the launch date after their name.

Nothing Ear and Ear (a) Launch and Availability

Nothing announced the upcoming earbuds along with their decision to opt for a new naming scheme through their social media. In the same post, they also dropped the launch date for their new products. That being said, the Nothing Ear and Ear (a) will launch on 18 April 2024!

In the case of the pricing for these audio accessories, there have not been any announcements or leaks as of yet. However, we will make sure to update this article accordingly in case there are any new developments in the coming days!

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