Samsung unveils a special type of DRAM perfect for mobile AI!

Samsung LLW IO
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Samsung is one of the largest companies on the face of our planet with its hands in various sectors. As such they have one of the largest market shares among DRAM manufacturers. And recently Samsung Semiconductor unveiled a special type of DRAM — LLW IO! Let’s delve further into it in this article.

Samsung LLW IO Overview

Samsung has been going on about developing its latest DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) for quite some time now with the initial announcement coming back in January 2023. The company then briefly touched upon it at Memory Tech Day in October 2023. Now they have finally given us a glimpse of the Low Latency Wide IO a.k.a LLW IO via X post.

This special type of DRAM apparently will increase bandwidth and latency limits. From what’s shown in the video, this DRAM will be housed within the SoC, hence, the low latency levels. Furthermore, the LLW IO is significantly more efficient in real-time data processing than LPDDR as per the company.

Samsung LLW IO devices

However, it seems that this “special type of DRAM” will not replace the traditional DRAM but will work in conjunction instead. Additionally, Samsung says the LLW IO is ideal for mobile AI and gaming applications. As such, this DRAM will be used in mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops, XR headsets, and gaming consoles.


There has not been any official announcement when the LLW IO will be available on our devices. Nonetheless, sources are speculating that this DRAM may appear in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 series. However, we will have to wait and see if that will be the case!

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