Samsung is building its own ChatGPT-like AI for Galaxy devices

Samsung Gauss
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Just like various other tech giants, Samsung has also joined the AI race introducing its self-built model called Gauss. This latest addition, introduced during the Samsung AI forum has become a talking point for many AI enthusiasts.  In this article, we will talk about Samsung’s newest AI venture in detail. 

Samsung Gauss: Overview

With the introduction of Gauss, Samsung has actively joined the race of AI. This strategic move will also position Samsung among the big players like META (Facebook), Microsoft, and Alphabet (Google). They seek to harness AI’s potential to create smarter and more intuitive products and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the technology.

“[Gauss] reflects Samsung’s ultimate vision for the models, which is to draw from all the phenomena and knowledge in the world to harness the power of AI to improve the lives of consumers everywhere.”

ChatGPT like AI model

Samsung Gauss is a generative AI model, developed by the Samsung research team. It will consist of three primary features: text, code, and image generation. The model is named after Carl Friedrich Gauss, the mathematician who developed the Normal Distribution. 

Gaussian function

Gauss is also responsible for the development of the Gaussian function,  which serves as a foundation of Artificial Intelligence. The Gaussian function’s applications extend beyond AI to various other fields as well including Image Processing, Signal Processing, and many more.

Features of Samsung Gauss

Samsung Gauss features

With features spanning text, code, and image generation, this Samsung Gauss can summarize texts, generate creative ideas, translate languages, and much more. Moreover, Gauss also enables image enhancements, effortlessly scaling low-res images to high-res quality and adding innovative elements with ease. Furthermore, its AI coding assistant streamlines the software development process, rapidly generating unit test cases and code snippets in natural language. 

In a proactive approach, Samsung has instituted an AI Red Team to rigorously scrutinize the model, ensuring it remains ethically responsible and avoids generating rogue content. This commitment to responsible AI reflects Samsung’s dedication to staying ahead in the ongoing AI revolution.

Samsung Gauss Pricing and Availability

Samsung Gauss is expected to debut in the upcoming Galaxy S24 series. The AI model could complement the upcoming Exynos 2400. And from what we know, it’s likely not going to be free, instead requiring a subscription of some sort.

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