Sony officially unveils Pulse Explore earbuds and Pulse Elite headset

Sony PlayStation Pulse Explore and Pulse Elite Headset launched
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Alongside the PlayStation Portal remote play device, Sony has also launched a couple of audio accessories for PlayStation 5 and the Portal, which includes the Pulse Explore Earbuds and the Pulse Elite Headset. And within this article, we’ll explore the features, and specifications of Sony Pulse Explore earbuds and the Pulse Elite Headset along with the release date and expected price in Nepal.

PlayStation Pulse Explore Earbuds Overview:

As the first earbuds designed exclusively for the PlayStation platform, Sony is touting a premium audio experience here. Actually audiophile-level experience, actually. According to the company, Pulse Explore is among the first true wireless earbuds to use planar magnetic drivers. Compared to dynamic drivers, these use a flat electrical conductor between flat magnets to move the diaphragm instead of a coil.

Pulse Explore earbuds-price in Nepal

With this, planar magnetic drivers usually manage less distortion and better clarity. Besides, these earbuds also promise lossless audio and low-latency performance. Furthermore, they incorporate dual microphones with AI-enhanced noise rejection to minimize background noise.

Additionally, a “Link” button on each earbud allows reconnection and device switching. Sony offers these earbuds with up to four tip sizes for a comfortable fit. Whereas its charging case features a sleek, modern design matching the PS5, in black and white colors.

PlayStation Pulse Elite Headset Overview:

In addition to the earbuds, attention is growing around Sony’s upcoming Pulse Elite Headset, positioned as an enhanced version of the Pulse 3D headset for PS5. Much like the Pulse Explore, the Pulse Elite also boasts planar magnetic drivers, lossless audio, and AI-driven noise cancellation. The headset features a retractable boom microphone too.


For a comfortable fit, Sony says the Pulse Elite headset is pretty lightweight and it has a flexible headband as well. The company has even bundled a charging hanger with the headset itself.

Pulse Explore Earbuds and Pulse Elite Headset: Additional features


Both devices are integrated with “PlayStation Link” wireless technology that enables low latency, lossless audio, and seamless connectivity between all the devices like PS5, PlayStation Portal, Pulse Explore earbuds, and Pulse Elite headset. It also allows users to quickly switch between PS5 and PlayStation Portal when playing games.

Bluetooth connectivity

Unlike PlayStation Portal, these devices support Bluetooth audio, providing additional connectivity options for a wider range of devices.

Pair with different devices

The Pulse Explore wireless earbuds and Pulse Elite headset have the ability to connect and use multiple devices simultaneously. For instance, during gameplay, if you get a phone call, the headset manages both game audio and the call, letting users play while talking.

Pulse Explore and Pulse Elite Price and Availability

While Sony hasn’t disclosed all the details about these audio accessories — including availability — we do know how much they’re gonna cost. The Pulse Elite headset and Pulse Explore earbuds will retail at USD 150 and USD 200, respectively. As such, we expect their price in Nepal to be around NPR 23,999 and NPR 31,999 if and when they launch here.

PlayStation audio accessories Official Price Price in Nepal (Expected)
Pulse Elite wireless headset USD 150 NPR 23,999
Pulse Explore wireless earbuds USD 200 NPR 31,999