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Top Smartphones with the Best Battery Life in Nepal

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Battery life is one of the most important aspects of a smartphone. Since it is the powerhouse of a cell-phone, it is a vital part that keeps the phone running. And so, it is also one of the major things to consider while buying a smartphone. Even if a phone is capable of doing a lot of things, what good is it if it can’t last very long? So, if battery life influences your buying decision, just like mine, here are the Smartphones With Best Battery Life in various price segments.

Smartphones with Best Battery Life Under Rs. 20,000

Realme C2

Realme C2 is one of the value for money products in the budget segment. And at its price, one of the notable features is its battery. In its slim stature, the phone packs a humongous 4000mAh battery. And you can’t go wrong with its battery life. Realme C2 easily lasts for more than a day on the normal use and provides around 8 hours of screen on time.

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Xiaomi Redmi 7 / Redmi Y3

Apart from the selfie camera, Redmi Y3 and Redmi 7 are basically the same. And both these devices pack plenty of features in their small body. From a dual camera setup on the rear to a Gorilla Glass 5 protection on the display, these budget phones look appealing. And one such thing that makes them even more appealing is the massive 4000mAh battery! The battery is large in itself. In addition, these handsets come with a low-res HD+ display, so, you get a prolonged endurance. However, the only downside is the 10-watt stock chargers they come with, which takes around three hours to get them fully charged.

Oppo A5s

Like most Oppo smartphones, Oppo A5s is also a camera-centric budget smartphone. But this one is also known for its larger battery. This phone flaunts a massive 4230 mAh battery alongside to provide a long backup. With such a substantial capacity, the Oppo A5s can easily back its users for nearly two days on normal use.

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Samsung Galaxy M20

The Samsung Galaxy M20 is Samsung’s budget smartphone done right. This device has a lot of USPs, out of which, the massive 5000 mAh battery really stands out. On our tests, the Galaxy M20 gave us a screen-on-time of more than 10 hours! Which means this will easily last for 2 days normally. Also, the phone has USB-C port and supports fast charging. So, the large battery charges in 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Realme 3

Realme 3 comes with Helio P60 chipset, which makes it one of the best performers for the price. You can also play some top-tier games at decent frame rates. But alongside the powerful processor also comes a sizable battery. The 4,230mAh on the device ensures a long-lasting battery. The phone, however, comes with a 10-watt stock charger, which takes around 3 hours to completely refill the battery.

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Huawei Y7 Pro 2019

Huawei Y7 Pro 2019 is another budget smartphone to come with a big 4,000 mAh battery. And if you know Huawei, this battery will last for more than a day due to its software optimizations. The fact that this device has HD display might be a bummer, but that helps more with a long-lasting battery.

Smartphones with Best Battery Life Under Rs. 30,000

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 / Note 7 Pro

Redmi Note 7 got a lot of hype this for its 48MP rear camera, as it was one of the very first devices to feature such a camera. But besides the 48MP camera, the device also promises a dependable performance when it comes to battery life. The Redmi Note 7 comes aboard with a sizable 4000mAh battery, which promises 7 – 8 hours of screen on time. On the normal use, it can easily last one whole day.

Redmi Note 7 Gcam vs Stock Camera

Samsung Galaxy A30 / Galaxy A50

The Samsung Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A50 are Samsung’s latest mid-range smartphones for 2019. They feature a good quality dual camera setup and a 4000 mAh battery. With Super AMOLED displays, the display is also power efficient. In addition, they also feature fast charging with their 15W fast charger.

Vivo Y15 / Vivo Y17

The Vivo Y15 and Vivo Y17 have their own share of differences. But when it comes to the power inside the battery, they are actually the same. These phones come with a remarkable 5000mAh battery. And as you’d expect from smartphones with bigger batteries, these handsets also provide a long-lasting backup. You can get around 10 hours of screen on time. On a normal day to day usage, you can extend the battery life to two full days.

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Smartphones with best battery life Under Rs. 50,000

Pocophone F1

Pocophone F1 is a smartphone from 2018. Although the device is a year old, it still has made a huge mark in the midrange territory. The flagship-grade Snapdragon 845 for a low price can excite anyone, but there is more than that. Besides performance, Xiaomi also packed it with a 4000mAh battery! And to quicken up the charging process, we also get an 18-watt fast charger in the box. The stock charger refills the battery within 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Oppo F11

Lately, Oppo is getting really generous on providing high-cap batteries. The Oppo F11 (and F11 Pro) are good examples. Inside its triple-tone gradient body, the phone houses a substantial 4000mAh battery. And this is enough to last for more than a day on the normal use. For heavy users, the battery can provide around 7 hours of screen on time. And for charging, Oppo has bundled a 20-watt VOOC charger on the box. Using the stock charge on the phone, the battery level goes from 0% to 90% within an hour.

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Samsung Galaxy A70

The Galaxy A70 is one of the most notable devices in the midrange segment. Since it’s targeted at multimedia enthusiasts, it created quite a buzz. And that’s mainly because of its huge 6.7-inch display and its massive 4500mAh battery. With its humongous mattery, the screen on time extends to around 9.5 hours. On normal use, you can manage it for a day and a half. But the A50 is also Samsung’s first phone to feature a 25-Watt Adaptive Fast Charger, and it gets the job done in about an hour.

Vivo V15 Pro

Vivo V15 Pro is another notable device when it comes to smartphones with best battery life. The handset comes with a 3700 mAh battery that has Vivo’s Dual Engine fast charging built-in. Sure, that is the least you’ve seen in this list, but actually, this phone lasts you quite well – you normally end the day with 20% battery life, which is dependable.

Smartphones with best battery life Under Rs. 80,000

Huawei Nova 4

Huawei Nova 4 is a little overpriced if you compare it with its international pricing. However, the specifications it packs is quite great. The Huawei Nova 4 has a 3750 mAh battery that gave us a screen-on-time of 5 hours 30 minutes to 6 hours of battery life. This battery is able to fast charge with its 18-watt charger.

OnePlus 6T

OnePlus smartphones have really improved on the battery front as of late. The 6T has the largest battery among its predecessors. The device comes with a 3700 mAh battery. OnePlus devices are well-known for their software, as Oxygen OS really helps to optimize battery life as well. Users will easily get 5 hours 30 minutes to 6 hours of battery life. And with OnePlus’ fast charging at the helm, you will charge your device at no time at all.

Flagship smartphones with the best battery life

Oppo Reno 10X Zoom Edition

As the name suggests, the phone comes with a camera, which can zoom into the subject up to 10X. But what doesn’t get the spotlight is the battery life, which, is actually respectable. You get a good 4,065mAh battery on board. And since there is a power-efficient Super AMOLED panel on the board, the battery backup is quite notable. For charging, however, the 20-watt VOOC fast charger takes slightly over 1 hour.

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OnePlus 7 Pro

OnePlus 7 Pro has brought a ton of upgrades over the 6T. And one of them is surely is its battery. The 4000mAh battery on the device keeps the device running even on prolonged use. While using the device on Quad-HD resolution and 90Hz refresh rate, you get around 5 to 5.5 hours of screen on time. On lowering it down to Full-HD and 60Hz, you can extend it to 7 – 8 hours. Talking about the charging time, the 30-watt Warp charger on the box replenishes the battery in exactly 65 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Note 9 looks massive. And the huge battery inside the phone is one of the reasons for that. The phone flaunts a 4000 mAh battery, which supplies plenty of power to drive the processes inside the phone. The phone comes with a Quad-HD+ resolution due to which, the display tends to devour the battery juice real quick. But there is nothing to worry about since the resolution can be toggled to Full-HD to reduce such quick drain. With the resolution set to Full-HD, it provides decent backup. As for fast charging, it has Samsung’s default 15-Watt Adaptive fast charging support. And like most of the premium flagship handsets, the Note 9 also comes with the Wireless charging feature.

Samsung Galaxy S10+

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ is, probably, the winner of the best smartphone of 2019. It has the best display on any smartphone, and even with the high-resolution panel, it has great battery life. And this is due to the large 4100 mAh battery inside. And due to the software optimizations, the battery life gets even better. The handset comes with a native Quad-HD resolution but lowering the resolution, you can extend the battery life further.

iPhone XR

The iPhone XR is a more ‘affordable’ iPhone. Even though it is cheaper than its siblings, the device has the best battery life on last year’s iPhones. The device has a 2942 mAh battery, which sounds puny. But despite its size, it will easily last for a day easily. The fact that iOS is well-optimized helps the iPhone XR last longer. The phone can also be charged up wirelessly which is an added bonus.

apple iphone xr

Huawei P30 Pro / Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Huawei P30 Pro and Mate 20 Pro, the photography beasts from Huawei with triple cameras at the back have not disappointed in the battery department. These smartphones come with a noteworthy 4200 mAh battery, which is quite uncommon in the flagship handsets. And with the number of optimization options, the smartphone is capable to provide more than 7 hours of screen on time. Moreover, the device has SuperCharge (40W charging) technology, which keeps the device fully nourished up to 70% just in 30 minutes. On top, there is a wireless charging and wireless reverse charging features on the phone, which can come really handy at times.