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Top Televisions in Nepal under Rs. 100,000

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Televisions have turned out to be an absolute necessity to everyone. In the previous years, we had to spend a huge sum of money to buy a good quality TV. However, with the release of new TVs every day, and a breakthrough in the technology, the TVs that we consider to be of top quality come under a budget.

With the ongoing World Cup, some of you are probably still looking for that perfect TV which comes under your budget. And we are helping you with that today. We have come up with three TVs which are the top televisions in Nepal under 100000. Oh, and all of the devices are of 4K UHD quality!

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Samsung 43MU6100ARSHE

Samsung 43MU6100ARSHE price in nepal

The 43MU6100 is Samsung’s entry-level TV with 4K resolution. This device comes under Samsung’s Tizen Operating System supporting applications such as YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. However, one might miss some other Android-based application on this device.

What the Samsung 43MU6100 boasts is its 43-inch display with a total resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. The picture quality here is great for the price, but one might feel the viewing angles to be sub-par. However, the HDR feature added to the display means you will experience pictures with more details, shadows and brightness, making the overall experience excellent.

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The Samsung 43MU6100 comes in an appealing and simple design but it is made of plastic, so this is where Samsung has cut down to keep the cost of the device cheap. It is around 2.56-inch thick but with it mounted on the wall, there will not be much of an issue. Sound quality-wise this device is loud, but it could be somewhat better. You won’t face distortions or noise but connecting a TV to an external speaker will do wonders.

On the input side of things, Samsung has included ample ports on the 43MU6100 as it is equipped with 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports. There is an Ethernet Port as well if you don’t want to use Wi-Fi. The Samsung 43MU6100 currently sells for Rs. 85,000.

LG 43UJ652T

The LG 43UJ652T is a smart LED TV with a 43-inch 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) display. Pushing up 8.3 million pixels, this display is bright and more importantly, vivid. Unlike the previous device, this TV has no issue with the viewing angle. This display is also HDR powered as you can enable the feature if you want more brightness and details.

The Magic remote and the fact that this device comes with webOS operating system are certainly among the best features of the LG 43UJ652T. If you have used conventional remotes on your smart TVs, you have probably gone through the hassle of constantly pressing buttons all the time just to write up a couple of words. LG has taken that into account and included its Magic Remote which basically lets you point at keys or even applications and complete the necessary actions at an instant. With the TV running on webOS, the buyers will surely love the number of applications this TV supports.

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The 43UJ652T, like most of the LG TVs out there, has a 20-watt speaker with Dolby Atmos Audio enabled which produces crisp and immersive audio for anyone to enjoy! This TV currently sells for Rs. 89,990.

Sony 43X7000E

Sony 43X7000E price in nepal

Sony’s TVs are well-known for the picture quality. The colors their TVs produce is top quality. And you can expect the same with the Sony 43X7000E. This device has the best colors among its competitors of its prince range, and also comes with great contrast. Yes, you will have to add a few thousand bucks to buy the Sony 43X7000E as compared to the other two TVs, but that will be all worth it.

Now you might face some issues of the device not running on an Android based operating system, or the occurrence of little greyness after turning on the HDR mode, but other than that, there aren’t any problems you can complain about.

The Sony 43X7000E, unlike most of the TVs, runs on Linux operating system. Thus, one might miss the lack of support of various apps like another operating system. But that miss is overshadowed by the quality of the videos this device produces. This device sports a 43-inch IPS LCD display with HDR compatibility and Dynamic Contrast Enhancer.

In the speaker side of things, the Sony 43X7000E features dual 10-watt speakers with Dolby Digital Plus sound format supported. However, a few users of this TV have said that it only has decent sound quality. So, if you have plans to purchase the device, you might also want to take a look at a few speaker bars alongside.

For inputs, Sony has included triple HDMI and USB ports for the ease of the users. The Sony 43X7000E currently sells for Rs. 96,000.

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