This iPhone 13 Pro Max has a real T-Rex tooth and costs a fortune

Tyrannophone with T-Rex Tooth iPhone 13 Pro Max price availability
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Luxury smartphone maker, Caviar, has launched a version of the iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max with a fragment of a T-Rex tooth. Called the Tyrannophone, the phone is already up for order, but in a limited number.

Tyrannophone: iPhone 13 Pro Max with T-Rex tooth

The TERA Collection

Tyrannophone is the middle-ground offering between Tetradiamond and Monsterphone; the three of which form the Caviar’s TERA collection. The Monsterphone sports a hardened Titanium panel, while the Tetradiamond has over 1,000 diamonds on its back.


Tyrannophone still manages to steal the show with the integration of a fragment from an 80 million years old dinosaur. The body of the Tyrannophone is made using a high-impact lightweight composite foundation with engravings. The back also uses gold-plated inserts to resemble lightning.

Tyrannophone design

3D T-Rex

What catches the eye is the sculpture of Tyrannosaurus Rex, which all believed to be the biggest carnivorous dinosaur ever until the recent discovery of Spinosaurus. Still, it remains among the most popular and terrifying dinosaurs to have ever roamed the Earth. Hence, its inclusion by Caviar in the TERA collection.

The sculpture is made using titanium and has a black Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) coating. Caviar has used real amber for the eye of the dinosaur. Similarly, one of the teeth is made using a fragment from a real T-Rex tooth from 80 million years.

Tyrannophone Price and Availability

Of course, the Tyrannophone has terrifyingly costly, priced at USD 8,610 for the vanilla iPhone 13 Pro and USD 9,150 for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Both variants come with 1TB of storage. You can order one from Cavier’s official site. Caviar will only be making a total of seven Tyrannophones, making it a very exclusive offering.

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