Here are the top features of Vivo’s Android 12-based OriginOS Ocean

Vivo OriginOS Ocean Custom UI Android 12 Rollout timeline update software
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Vivo recently unveiled the latest iteration of OriginOS at an event held in China. The new version brings some major changes in terms of design and UI elements. In this article, we will be discussing all the major features, upgrades, and other changes in the Vivo OriginOS Ocean.

Vivo OriginOS Ocean Overview:

Customizable Icons

OriginOS Ocean allows users to alter the size and color of icons. In addition, they can even make folders with different colors. It works well with Android 12‘s dynamic themes, which makes it possible to pick colors from active wallpapers and themes.

OriginOS Ocean Icon and Folders

Origin Cover Lock Screen

Vivo has also introduced a new lock screen that it calls “Origin Lock Screen”. Under this, users can open apps from the lock screen just by dragging the fingerprint surface to the desired apps.

OriginOS Ocean Cover Lock Screen

Redesigned Control Center

Likewise, OriginOS’ new control center has been designed to offer more information such as network, battery, and permissions.

OriginOS Ocean Control Center

New Caller UI

Users will now be able to differentiate saved and unsaved contacts at a glance with OriginOS Ocean’s new caller UI. The UI will be different for incoming calls from the two. Similarly, the animation of receiving and making calls is also brighter and more colorful.

OriginOS Ocean Caller UI

Emergency Calls

OriginOS Ocean will now alert your emergency contacts through phone calls, text messages, and home screen alerts when you make emergency calls. Similarly, the contacts will also receive the location of the caller.

OriginOS Ocean Emergency Call

Camera Focus Ring

Moreover, the camera ring on OriginOS Ocean can do a lot than just take pictures. Users will be able to use it to adjust focus, exposure, and control stabilization. In addition, the Camera UI now supports swipe gestures for real-time effects.

VivoOriginOSOcean Camera UI

Nano Reading

With the new Nano Reading feature, OriginOS Ocean will add page breaks in long articles. Users then need to flip through the pages to read the complete article for a more real-life experience. In addition, the new OS is loaded with Zhu Zhiwei’s custom fonts.

VivoOriginOSOcean Nano Reading

Privacy Features

There is now a dedicated private space with encryption within the OriginOS. You need to swipe from the bottom and enter your fingerprint to enter into this space. In addition, the UI will let you know if any apps are utilizing your camera and location, by an indication on the status bar.

VivoOriginOSOcean Private Space

Quantum Kit

Moving on, Quantum Kit is a multi-device collaboration platform for Vivo phones. Using this, you will now be able to work and share resources across multiple devices simultaneously.

Vivo Quantum Kit

Other features on Vivo OriginOS Ocean

In addition to the above-mentioned features, Vivo has made numerous small changes in this Android skin. For instance, the notifications are now more colorful, thereby increasing the visibility of nano notifications. Similarly, Vivo claims to have improved memory utilization by about 50% using memory slimming and Memory Fusion technology.

Vivo OriginOS Ocean Rollout Timeline

Until the launch of OriginOS last year, all of Vivo’s smartphones came with Funtouch OS. Now, Vivo phones in China run on OriginOS, while the international market still gets Funtouch OS. Thus, the OriginOS Ocean will also be limited to China.

The company will begin rolling out this update later this month on Vivo X-series, Vivo S-series, and iQOO number series phones.

Rollout Date Eligible Smartphones
December 30, 2021 Vivo X70 Pro+, X70 Pro, X70, Vivo X60 Pro+, X60t Pro+, X60 Pro, X60 Curved Screen Edition, Vivo S10 Pro, S10, S9, iQOO 8 Pro, iQOO 8, iQOO 7
Late January 2022 Vivo X60, X60t, iQOO 5 Pro, iQOO 5, iQOO Neo 5, Neo 5 Vitality Edition, iQOO Z5, Z5x
Late February to March 2022 Vivo X50 Pro+, X50 Pro, X50, X30 Pro, X30, Vivo S10e, S9e, S7, S6, Vivo NEX 3S, Vivo T1
April 2022 iQOO 3, iQOO Neo 3, iQOO Z3, Z1, Z1x, Vivo Y76s, Vivo Y71t, Y53s (t1 Edition), Vivo Y53s (t2 edition), Vivo S7e Vitality Edition, Vivo T1x, Vivo Z6
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