What is VR and Why do you need it?

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Have you ever wondered what if you can be the game as the main character? What it feels like to be in places you have always dreamed about. How it feels like to interact with the virtual objects such as the furniture, bots, weapons, your favorite characters etc. Well, technology has the solution. Yes! you have heard it right. We are talking about VR(Virtual Reality) Technology.

The close replication of real environment using high-end computer technologies by integrating images, audios, videos and other sensory information which provide an immersive experience to the user by the combined effort of hardwares (gears, headset, etc) Softwares and some sensory peripherals and can interact with the object in this immersive virtual world. VR uses the head tracking and motion tracking technology for giving the rich immersive and vivid experience. As we have already stated in the previous articles that a gyro-sensor is necessary to access the VR technology in one’s smartphones. You can find the article here.

Availability of VR

You can enjoy VR in different variants. There are lots of companies in the international market to pioneer as VR renderer. The list goes like this:

(Note: The above list is not in any order specified.)

You may have heard about the AR(Augmented Reality). It’s totally different from VR. AR is the combination of the virtual objects in real world whereas, VR is the immersion of one in the virtual world irrespective of the real scenario. Pokemon Go™, Microsoft’s HoloLens, etc are the examples of it.

We can see VR Technology to be hatching in the Nepali market nowadays. There are plenty of retailers which provides the peripherals across various major cities of Nepal.

Scope of VR

We can be benefitted by VR by commencing its application to the following fields:

  • Education & Training
  • Video Games
  • Entertainment
  • Fine Arts
  • Media & Films
  • Engineering
  • Heritage & Archaeology
  • Therapy, Exercise & Fitness
  • Marketing & Commerce
  • Sports