Xiaomi set to organize flash sale in Nepal

Xiaomi set to organize xiaomi flash sale in Nepal
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Targeting the festive seasons, different companies present luring offers with massive discounts and exciting freebies on the purchase. However, Xiaomi came up with a new approach. Aiming the impending festival, Tihar, Xiaomi has organized flash sale in Nepal. For the flash sale, Xiaomi has offered the deals too good to ignore. Not just on the popular lineup of Xiaomi smartphones, the deals include massive discounts on other Xiaomi products like MI Bands, Wi-Fi router, Wi-Fi Amplifier, Bluetooth Speaker, etc.

The flash sale kicks off from 15th of October and will last for three days (ending on 17th October). The flash sale includes discounts ranging from a mere Rs. 300 to a massive amount of Rs. 17,000. Seventeen products have been presented for the flash sale. Interested ones can grab the discounts for the designated devices on the designated dates all over Nepal if brought from the authorized Xiaomi outlets.

Products lineup for the Xiaomi Flash Sale

Xiaomi Product NameOriginal PriceFlash Sale Price
Xiaomi MI 4Rs. 17,999Rs. 13,999
Xiaomi MI 5Rs. 39,999Rs. 33,500
Xiaomi MI 5SRs. 48,999Rs. 37,500
Xiaomi MI 5S PlusRs. 52,999Rs. 41,500
Xiaomi MI Note 2Rs. 76,999Rs. 69,999
Xiaomi MI MixRs. 94,999Rs. 78,000
MI Wi-Fi AmplifierRs. 1,499Rs. 1,199
MI BandRs. 2,399Rs. 1,999
MI Band 2Rs. 4,499Rs. 3,749
MI Portable Bluetooth SpeakerRs. 2,299Rs. 1,840
MI Bluetooth SpeakerRs. 5,499Rs. 4,400
MI BoxRs. 11,999Rs. 9,230
MI Headphone ComfortRs. 6,999Rs. 5,599
MI LED Desk LampRs. 5,499Rs. 4,583
MI VR PlayRs. 1,999Rs. 1,666
MI Wi-Fi Router 3Rs. 4,799Rs. 3,839
MI Minimalist BackpackRs. 4,899Rs. 4,082

What are your thoughts regarding the flash sale? Are you hoping to buy any of the products mentioned? Let us know in the comment section. If you have queries regarding the flash sale, you can contact Xiaomi Nepal Facebook page.