Apple’s colorful M1-powered iMacs have finally launched in Nepal

"She comes in colors everywhere, she combs her hair, she's like a rainbow"

Apple M1 iMac 24 (2021) Price in Nepal features specs launch date availability 24"
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Apple’s “Spring Loaded” event back in April was full of exciting launches. Surprisingly, the multiple color choices for the latest iMacs was one of the biggest highlights of the show—who would’ve thunk it? Anyway, they’ve now launched in Nepal. Let’s get into what’s in store with the new Apple M1 iMac 24 (2021) including its specs, features, official price in Nepal, and more.

Apple M1 iMac 24 (2021) Overview:


Like I mentioned earlier, one of the biggest talking points of the iMac 24 is all the hues it’s available in. There were speculations about this based on the promotional poster in the official invite for the “Spring Loaded” event. In fact, this corroborated Jon Prosser‘s initial claim that the new iMacs would come in multiple color options—5, to be precise.

To our delight, you can choose from 7 colors for the iMac 24: blue, green, pink, silver, yellow, orange, and purple. And the (re)introduction of such colorful variants is a direct homage to the iMac G3 from back in 1998. But unlike its bulky CRT body, iMac 24″ is slim—slimmest in the history of iMacs, in fact.

iMac G3 - Colors
iMac G3

At just 11.5mm thickness, it seamlessly blends into any room it’s in. That’s major thanks to Apple’s in-house M1 chip which I’ll get into in just a second. According to Apple, it occupies 50% less volume. Even in such a sleek body, the company has managed to install two small fans.

Base vs high-end iMac

However, only the high-end 8-core GPU variant gets a dual-core treatment whereas if you opt for the base 7-core GPU model, Apple has fitted in a single fan in those iMacs. So, if your workload revolves around GPU-intensive tasks like photo/video editing, 3D rendering, and such, getting the high-end config would be a wiser choice.

There are enough real-life tests to verify this conclusion as well. At the back, you’ll find 4 USB-C ports (2x USB 4/Thunderbolt, 2x USB 3) alongside an optional Gigabit Ethernet port. There’s a 3.5mm headphone jack too.

Yet, the ones with a 7-core GPU M1 chip skip the USB 3 ports and the LAN connection. Moreover, the power connector (2 meters long) now attaches magnetically and adheres to your iMac’s color option as well.


Coming to the front, there’s a 24″ 4.5K Retina display. It boasts Wide Color (P3), True Tone technology, and over a billion colors. In terms of brightness, this display peaks at 500 nits. Other amenities like anti-reflective coating are present here too.

Then there’s the 1080p FaceTime camera. Apple says this larger sensor works in tandem with M1’s ISP for the best image quality ever on an iMac.

Apple iMac 24 (2021) - Display

Furthermore, there’s a “studio-quality” three-mic array with a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and directional beamforming. It also supports the “Hey Siri” command. Talking about audio, you get a six-speaker sound system that supports Dolby Atmos.


Powering the latest iMacs is Apple’s own M1 chip. You can learn more about why Cupertino ditched Intel’s x86 architecture in favor of Arm here. Anyway, the aforementioned reason as to why 2021’s iMac is so thin is the M1 chip. This has greatly allowed Apple to trim down the logic board and thermals to deliver a sleek form factor.

Apple iMac 24 (2021) - Keyboard Touch ID

Getting into performance, Apple sells two variants of the iMac 24″: one with 8-core CPU and 7-core GPU, and the other with 8-core CPU, 8-core GPU. This has been coupled with either 8 or 16GB of unified RAM and up to 2TB of SSD storage.

Compared to the 21.5″ iMac of last year, Apple promises up to 85% fast CPU performance, 2x faster GPU performance, and up to 3x faster machine learning. It runs on the macOS Big Sur which enables seamless interaction with your iPhone.

Unveiled at WWDC 2021, Apple says Big Sur’s successor—macOS Monterey is coming this fall as well. Anyway, the M1 iMacs are complemented with a new keyboard, mouse, and trackpad that have matching colors with the iMac. Plus, the wireless keyboard features Touch ID as well.

M1 iMac 24 (2021) Specifications:

  • Size and weight: 21.5 x 18.1 x 5.8-inches, 4.48 kg
  • Colors: Blue, Green, Pink, Silver, Yellow, Orange, Purple
  • Display: 24-inch 4.5K Retina display, 500 nits brightness, Wide Color (P3)
  • Resolution: 4480 x 2520 pixels, 218 PPI
  • Chip: Apple M1 chip (8-core CPU, 7/8-core GPU, 16-core Neural Engine)
  • Memory: 8/16GB unified RAM, 256GB to 2TB SSD storage
  • Camera: 1080p FaceTime HD camera with M1 ISP
  • Audio: High-fidelity six-speaker system, Spatial audio (Dolby Atmos)
  • I/O ports: 2x USB 4/Thunderbolt, 1x Gigabit Ethernet, 1x 3.5mm headphone jack, 2x USB 3 (optional)
  • Connection: Wi-Fi 6 (ax), Bluetooth 5.0
  • Input: Magic Keyboard (with/out Touch ID), Magic Mouse

Apple M1 iMac 24 (2021) Price in Nepal & Availability

The price of the Apple M1 iMac 24 (2021) in Nepal starts at NPR 205,000 for the 7-core GPU variant with 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD. Similarly, 8-core GPU options with 8/256GB and 8/512GB memory cost NPR 235,000 and NPR 265,000, respectively. You can buy Apple M1 iMac 24 (2021) in Nepal from authorized retailers such as EvoStore and Oliz Store.

Apple M1 iMac 24 (2021) Model Price in Nepal Availability
7-core GPU, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD NPR 205,000
8-core GPU, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD NPR 235,000
8-core GPU, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD NPR 265,000
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