Daraz Kaymu Mobile Week 2017: Deals to look out for

daraz kaymu mobile week
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Daraz Kaymu is not an unfamiliar name to the Nepalis who have internet access. The company is a leading online platform here and garners thousands of orders every day. It had organized ‘Black Friday’ on 2016 and had a steep rise in sales during the campaign. Fast forward several months and the company is back at it again; this time with Mobile Week.

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Mobile Week, like its name suggests, is a promotional event for the sale of mobile phones. Customers will get to exercise discounts and deals, and even win some freebies and gift hampers.

Daraz Kaymu Mobile Week 2017

The event has already started and will end on 7th July 2017. We got an exclusive look at some of the deals Daraz Kaymu is offering in its campaign, and we are quite impressed by it.

So, today we have listed out some of the deals that you should look and for. We will update the list gradually so keep tuning into GadgetByte Nepal to know about the best deals different brands will be offering.


galaxy s8 price in nepal

Up until now, Daraz Kaymu is providing discounts on only select Samsung mobile phones. We will be updating other offers from Samsung as soon as possible.

Samsung’s deal(s) in a nutshell:

MRPMobile Week Price and dealsFurther Discount after using voucher
Samsung Galaxy S8+Rs. 98,900Rs. 95,935
(FREE JBL Clip 2 worth Rs. 8,000)
Samsung Galaxy S8Rs. 88,900Rs. 86,250
(FREE JBL Clip 2 worth Rs. 8,000)
Samsung Galaxy S7 EdgeRs. 76,900Rs. 66,850
(FREE JBL Go worth Rs. 3,900)
Samsung Galaxy J7 PrimeRs. 27,990Rs. 25,200
(FREE 32GB microSD worth Rs. 1,800)
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016)Rs. 26,490Rs. 23,100 (MW2000)
Samsung Galaxy On7 ProRs. 17,490Rs. 15,800 (MW1500)


iphone SE price in nepal gadgetbytenepal

We rarely see Apple providing deals on their latest iPhone models, but the Kaymu Mobile week is an exception. They are offering deals and freebies on iPhone 7, 7s, and SE.

MRPMobile Week PriceFurther Discount after using voucher
iPhone 7 Plus (128GB)Rs. 119,000Rs. 110,500
(FREE JBL Clip 2 worth Rs. 8,000)
iPhone 7 (32GB)Rs. 89,000Rs. 82,000
(FREE JBL Clip 2 worth Rs. 8,000)
iPhone SE (64GB)Rs. 62,500Rs. 52,000
(FREE JBL Go worth Rs. 3,900)


oneplus 5 daraz kaymu mobile week buy

One of the major highlights of the Daraz Kaymu Mobile Week is that customers will exclusively get to pre-order the recently launched OnePlus 5. The device has made headlines due to the inclusion of dual rear-facing cameras and 8 GB of RAM. Discounts are also available on all the other OnePlus devices currently sold in Nepal.

OnePlus’ deal(s) in a nutshell:

MRPMobile Week PriceFurther Discount after using voucher
OnePlus 5 (6GB)Rs. 59,500Rs. 59,500 (Pre-order)4000 worth of Kaymu Voucher
(Special code OP4000)
OnePlus 3TRs. 54,900Rs. 49,000(MW2500)
OnePlus 3Rs. 40,000Rs. 37,000(MW2500)
OnePlus 2Rs. 25,000Rs. 25,000(MW2000)
OnePlus XRs. 21,700Rs. 17,990 (FREE OnePlus X Original cover) (MW1500)


daraz kaymu mobile week huawei discount

Among all the deals and discounts, the one that first caught my eye was Huawei. The Chinese company is offering a TV, 10 GB of Ncell data, JBL Flip 4 Speaker, lens kit and a whopping 50% discount on the purchase of its different smartphones. Daraz Kaymu will also sell one of the newer entries to the Nepali smartphone market – the Huawei P10 Plus.

Huawei’s deal(s) in a nutshell:

MRPMobile Week Price and dealsFurther Discount after using voucher
Huawei P10 PlusRs. 79,000Rs. 79,000 (FREE JBL Flip 4 + Huawei Lens Kit + 10 GB Ncell data)(MW2500)
Huawei P9Rs. 59,000Rs. 59,000 (FREE 32-inch Videocon TV)(MW2500)
Huawei GR5 2017
(4GB + 64GB)
Rs. 35,900Rs. 35,900 (FREE Selfie Speaker + Free JBL Headphone) (MW2000)
Huawei G7 PlusRs. 50,000Rs. 31,265(MW2000)
Huawei Honor 6Rs. 35,000Rs. 18,500(MW1500)
Huawei P8 PremiumRs. 75,000Rs. 35,875(MW2000)
Huawei P8 LiteRs. 26,999Rs. 14,000(MW500)
Huawei Honor HollyRs. 14,000Rs. 9,225(MW500)


Discounts and deals will also galore on some of Xiaomi smartphones. Customers could get JBL Go, JBL T110 or a 23.90% discount with the purchase of the devices.

Xiaomi’s deal(s) in a nutshell:

MRPMobile Week Price and dealsFurther Discount after using voucher
Xiaomi Mi5Rs. 40,000Rs. 37,000 (FREE JBL Go worth Rs. 3,900)(MW2000)
Redmi Note 4Rs. 24,999 (3GB)
Rs. 28,999 (4GB)
Rs. 24,999 (3GB)
Rs. 28,999 (4GB)
(FREE JBL Go worth Rs. 3,900)
Redmi 4xRs. 21,499Rs. 21,499
(FREE JBL Go worth Rs. 3,900)
Redmi 3s PrimeRs. 20,500Rs. 20,000 (FREE JBL T110 worth Rs. 1,800)(MW1500)
Xiaomi Mi4Rs. 17,999Rs. 15,200(MW1500)
Redmi 4A (32GB)Rs. 17,499Rs. 15,499(MW1500)
Redmi 2 ProRs. 12,999Rs. 9,800(MW500)


MRPMobile Week Price and dealsFurther Discount after using voucher
Micromax Canvas Pulse Rs. 16,720Rs. 9,500(MW500)
Nokia 3 Rs. 15,650 Rs. 15,650(MW1500)

Zopo Speed X

Rs. 20,000Rs. 18,800(MW1500)
Lenovo K4 NoteRs. 25,999Rs. 19,999  (MW1500)
ZTE Blade A2 PlusRs. 23,900Rs. 23,900
(FREE JBL Go worth Rs. 3,900)
Coolpad Cool 1Rs. 31,000Rs. 31,000
(FREE JBL T110 worth Rs. 1,800)


Along with the deals and discounts provided by different brands, Daraz Kaymu is itself offering some discounts on mobile phones through voucher codes. Customers can use the codes at checkout to get extra cash discounts. Here are all the available voucher codes:

Voucher CodeCompulsory Purchase AmountVoucher Discount Amount
MW500Rs. 3,000 – Rs. 15,000Rs. 500
MW1500Rs. 15,000 – Rs. 25,000Rs. 1,500
MW2000Rs. 25,000 – Rs. 40,000Rs. 2,000
MW2500Rs. 40,000+

Rs. 2,500

How to use Voucher Code

mobile week voucher code daraz kaymu