EMUI 9.0 based on Android Pie rolling out on Huawei P20 and Mate 20 smartphones

huawei android pie emui 9.0 update
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When Huawei launched the Mate 20 Pro, it astounded the tech community with the powerful Kirin 980 chipset and the quirky reverse wireless charging technology. But alongside those features, the smartphone also possessed a new UI. At that time, the smartphone flaunted the latest EMUI 9.0 (EmotionUI 9.0).

The new UI was cleaner, polished and more intuitive than the previous version of the Emotion UI. And with the new UI, the handset managed to garner quite a lot of admirations from the Huawei fans. Well, at that time, the device had only the Mate 20 to share the feature. And this time, the smartphone giant is on the verge of releasing its User Interface on its older flagship as well. Huawei Mate 10, Mate 10 Pro, P20, and P20 Pro will be the smartphones to receive it early. Since the EMUI 9.0 is based on Android Pie (v9.0), the Mate10 and P20 smartphones can flaunt a new OS alongside the new UI after the update.

Well, the update surely sounds interesting but the users have to make a little effort for that OS switch. The Mate 10 and P20 smartphones users have to make an early registration for updating to EMUI 9.0. And talking about the registration, it has been open for Mate 10 and Mate 10 pro devices from 18th December. Similarly, the and P20 and P20 Pro users can get their upgrade registered since 24th December.

Designed to provide simplified, clean, and optimized user experience, Huawei has made a lot of improvements on its UI. On the EMUI 9.0, Huawei has slashed some of the redundant and confusing options from the settings targeting a streamlined user experience.

settings  decrease in emui 9.0

With the trend of displays with higher to screen to body ratio is springing like a mushroom, every smartphone maker is providing on-screen buttons to cut down the bezels on its chin. As the on-screen buttons take some portion of the screen space, users cannot make full use of the display at times. And for such users, who finds the on-screen buttons obtrusive, Huawei has also brought the gesture option for navigations on the EMUI 9.0.

Smartphone gaming is quite on the rise these days. Many smartphone users are fond of playing high-end games like PUBG and Asphalt 9. And for such games, GPU has a significant role in making the game lag-less, stutter free and for the consistent frame rates. Furthermore, to ensure a better gaming experience, Huawei has also squeezed the GPU Turbo Boost 2.0 Technology on the new UI. And with the GPU Boost 2.0 on the EMUI 9.0, Huawei claims that users can experience a much smooth gaming performance, a boost of 12.9% when compared to its predecessor.

gpu turbo boost 2.0

These are just a few of many noteworthy features in the EMUI 9.0. If you happen to be the user of any of the aforementioned smartphones, you can check the new features yourself. And here are the steps to make an early registration.

Steps to register for EMUI 9.0 Update

  1. Find the Huawei HiCare application;
  2.  Check the “update” in QUICK SERVICES.
  3. Register now to join the journey of EMUI 9.0!

For more information about EMUI 9.0, you can log on to Huawei’s Official website.