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The Smartphone No-Buy List

Phones not to buy right now | Overrated phones you shouldn't buy now
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Smartphones…smartphones! These days, we live in a sea of them, don’t we? There are just so many phones in the market right now, and it’s pretty easy to confuse one with another. And if you’re looking to buy a new phone, or upgrade, then, the confusion becomes even greater. Also, the sales people try their best to convince you to get a particular device. But here are some smartphones, that are not worth your money. This is the smartphone no-buy list.

The phones listed are judged on their specs to price ratio and their date of release. Some are due to outdatedness, others are priced unfairly for their specs. So, here’s a list of phones from various brands you should skip.


The OPPO A7 is OPPO’s latest offering to its customers. And this is a phone that, according to its price, is a mid-range device, but its spec-sheet says otherwise. This phone costs a whopping Rs.35,790 and it packs a Snapdragon 450 as its processor. This seems like a prank taken to far by the company. Now, we even said that the OPPO A3s (3/32 GB) version is also not a good buy because it cost some 26000, and this here, with its pricing close to 36000 is more ridiculous!

Sure, you do have 4 GB of RAM in it, and a large 4230 mAh battery, but that alone doesn’t justify its exorbitant pricing in any way. You have a large 6.2″ LCD screen up front, but that, too, is only HD+ and the cameras are only about average. This is a phone that should not have cost more than Rs.25000 – at the most. And so, at such ridiculous pricing, this is a definitely a no-brainer, no-buy.

OPPO R17 Pro

OPPO R17 Pro is somewhat of a breakthrough – no doubt about that. But more so, in the pricing rather than other aspects. The OPPO R17 Pro looks great with its two-tone gradient coloring at the back and triple camera setup. At the front, you get a large 6.4″ AMOLED display with Full HD+ resolution. Also, the screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 6. The camera setup comprises of a 12 MP primary sensor with variable aperture, a 20 MP depth sensor and a 3D stereo TOF camera for AR applications. The front camera is a whopping 25 MP sensor.

oppo r17 pro design

This phone features a mid-range octa-core Snapdragon 710 processor and is supported by 8 GB RAM. In addition, there is 128 GB storage, which is expandable via microSD. In addition, there is a good sized 3700 mAh battery and has the Super VOOC Charging. This phone is actually feature-packed and is pretty good. The only downfall? Price! It costs a whopping Rs. 89,990 in Nepal, which is some 20000 more than what it should cost. Just get a OnePlus 6 or 6T guys…this one is just a waste of money!

Honor Play

Honor is a brand that is known for feature packed phones in competitive pricing all around the world. And so, when there was news about this phone coming to Nepal, the hype was real! But all the hype died down when the phones really launched. The reason? Price, obvisously. The Honor Play is known for a flagship-level performance and gaming prowess.  It is also somewhat comparable to the Pocophone F1 in some aspects, but not the price. As for the price, it totally crosses the limit! Asking for a price of Rs.42,490 when one can get the Pocophone F1 for Rs.7000 less is to some extent, is foolish.

honor play price nepal

Even other Honor phones are too highly priced. But this phone was the most hyped and most anticipated, but no more now. The play days of Honor Play might be over very soon.

Older Xiaomi Phones

Now Xiaomi is supposedly the most popular smartphone brand in Nepal. And with right reason. A good value for money, even though, their phones are priced with quite a big difference to Indian markets. But, Xiaomi has over 30 different phones just under the 30000 price range. That alone is enough to cause confusion among which phone is which. And so, you might get confused while trying to get yourself a new Xiaomi phone. But remember that, you should stay away from these phones from Xiaomi:

Redmi 4Xwhen it debuted in Nepal, over a year back, was considered somewhat of a budget smartphone king. And it did offer quite the specs for that price. It has a 5″ IPS LCD HD display, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB memory with expandable storage and powered by Snapdragon 435. It also has a 13 MP rear camera with 5 MP front camera. For that amount of price, you can also get a fingerprint sensor at the back. Even though the price has decreased to Rs.14,500 now, this phone is outdated now.

Redmi 5A is a successor to the Redmi 4A and features almost the same specs. It is powered by the same low-end Snapdragon 425 chipset. All the other feature are more or less the same. The price has decreased to 13000 now, but even for that price, you should probably skip it. Instead, you can get the latest Redmi 6A for the very same price. The 6A also features the very same specs, but is slightly more powerful and is a newer model for 2018.

Redmi Note 5Afeatures very similar features to the Redmi 4X, except, it has a larger 5.5″ HD+ screen. It still has the Snapdragon 425 chipset, which is quite underwhelming. Cameras are also the same with 13 MP at the rear and 5 MP at the front. Actually, the Redmi 4X is a better option to this, but since that phone is also on the no buy list, just skip this one.

Redmi Note 5A Prime is a selfie-centric smartphone. It features a 16 MP selfie camera, while the rear camera is a 13 MP shooter. It has 5.5″ IPS LCD display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3. This phone does have 3 GB of RAM, and also a fingerprint sensor, but is again, powered by an underwhelming Snapdragon 435. Right now, you can get it for Rs.17,500. For a similar price, you can get the Redmi 6 that comes the 18:9 display and superior hardware specs.

The main reason we’re advising you to skip these phones is that they’re outdated and feature underwhelming processors. Xiaomi provides a lot of alternatives in itself, so, no doubt there are better phones available.

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Huawei Phones below Rs. 20,000

Huawei beat Apple to get to second place in global sales. And maybe there was a good reason for that. Some of the Huawei phones, particularly their flagships, are some of the best phones around. And as of late, Huawei’s stunning designs on their mid-range phones are getting quite the attention. But, there are some phones that you should stay away from:

huawei y7 pro 2018 display

Huawei Y5 Prime is a budget phone that now costs Rs.14,900. This phone features a 5.45″ display with 18:9 aspect ratio. An entry-level MediaTek MT6739 chip powers the phone with 2 GB of RAM. It features a 13 MP rear camera and a 5 MP selfie camera. Also, it boasts a Face Recognition feature on it, which is pretty great for a budget phone. But it is not that good, and a fingerprint sensor is preferable to this. The reason you should stay away from this one is its underwhelming performance and average cameras.

Huawei Y6 Prime features a slightly bigger 5.7″ display. The cameras, too, are the same 13 MP rear and 5 MP front. It, however, has a fingerprint sensor and facial recognition as well. A Snapdragon 425 chipset powers the phone, which is the most disappointing thing about this phone. The same 2 GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage don’t win it any points either. And it costs Rs.17,900, which, for something powered with an SD425 is not fair.

The Huawei Nova Y5 Lite is also very recent, which came out along with Nova 2 Lite. It is an Android Go phone with very low specs, yet, it costs Rs.11,990. It has only 1 GB of RAM and is powered by the MT6737 processor. The rear camera on it is only 8 MP as well, which doesn’t even meet 2018’s standards. This, although new, is a disappointing phone. So, just skip this one.

Huawei has some great phones in the mid-range department. Huawei Y9 2019, which also came out recently, is a good phone, while the Nova 3i is among one of the best mid-rangers. But for the budget section, Huawei fails to provide good value for money.

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Vivo Y85

Vivo Y85 is not really bad phone. It has a large 6.22″ LCD display, a dual camera setup, and a notch, too. And with that, it seems well suited for the trendy design of 2018 as well. It is powered by Helio P22 processor, which is not good enough. But it comes with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage. Also, it features a 13 MP rear camera with 2 MP depth sensor and an 8 MP AI-powered camera. Besides its underwhelming processor, it also has the only HD+ resolution.

phones not to buy this festive season vivo y85

Now, for a phone that costs nearly Rs.30000, this is a reason to fret. It costs Rs.29,990 and for something like that to have a lowly processor, plus, only an HD+ display is not a good value. It could have been good value when it first came out, but now, we have many options available in the similar price range. For just an added Rs.1000, you can get the Mi A2, which although has its own set of inconveniences, is a lot more powerful and has a better display. There are also some other options which are better than the Vivo Y85!

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Samsung Galaxy A9 2018

What happens when a leading phone company is too busy thinking whether they could but fails to think if they should? You get the Samsung Galaxy A9 2018! A supposedly premium phone, by the looks, build, and internals, but one that lags at the one thing they were so proud of themselves for. The Samsung Galaxy A9 features a quad-camera setup, and that only at the back!

Now, this is actually a form of innovation – pack all kinds of cameras that would be necessary to get all kinds of good photos. You get the 24 MP primary lens, an 8 MP ultra-wide angle lens, a 10 MP telephoto lens and a 5 MP depth sensor. And that may very well help you get all kinds of photos as required. But, the thing is…they seem to have chosen quantity over quality. And it has become a classic case of expectation vs reality.

The inclusion of four cameras, and that too, by Samsung, leads to high expectations. But, the cameras on this device let me down. The primary camera fails to capture sufficient details, and focus is not that good. The telephoto lens claims lossless zoom but manages to lose all details gathering a lot of noise. The images from the ultra-wide lens too, come out jittery and slightly inaccurate in terms of color.

But besides that, other aspects of the phone seem good enough. The Snapdragon 660 chipset combined with 6 GB of RAM performs well. There are no complaints on the design, display or battery aspects either. This phone is available for Rs.55000 at Daraz for now, but with cameras like that, I am very skeptic about it. Maybe, they might update the software and all in their retails units, but until then, this phone is staying on our no-buy list.

Samsung Galaxy J6+

The Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus comes with a tall 6-inch screen and Infinity Display. But the display on the J6 Plus will make you wonder what Samsung’s Infinity Display is about. It has a good amount of bezels on the top and bottom, and features only HD+ resolution, which, for a 6″ phone is not appropriate, is it? Also, while other Samsung phones feature OLED displays, this one is LCD.

samsung galaxy j6 plus price

On the performance front, Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus comes with a Snapdragon 425 chipset. That just seems like a poor choice from Samsung! It is available in 3 GB  and 4 GB RAM variant, but the choice of the low-level processor is simply bad! Besides that, it has a dual camera at the back – a 13 MP primary camera with a 5 MP depth sensor. The front camera rests at 8 MP. Also, storage options are 32 GB with 3 GB RAM and 64 GB with 4 GB RAM. The battery is a 3300 mAh unit.

For a price of Rs.26990 for the 3 GB RAM variant & Rs.31790 for the 4 GB RAM, this phone is a no buy. And that is mainly due to its underwhelming processor. I’d like to call this a low-level mid-ranger, but it packs the power of a budget phone. So, you can see why this phone is on this list. Even if you are Samsung fan and want a Samsung phone at this price, you can get the Galaxy J8 (Rs. 31,490) or the J7 Duo (Rs. 22,000) which offers better value than the J6+.

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So, what do you think of the Smartphone No-Buy list? Did we miss out on any other phone which is similar? Let us know in the comments.

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