Samsung launches Curd Maestro: A refrigerator that can make curd

Samsung Curd Maestro price nepal specs availability launch
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Yesterday, Samsung Nepal announced the launch of Curd Maestro. The company is marketing it as the first refrigerator that makes curd. So let’s check out more about the Samsung Curd Maestro, including its features, price, and availability in Nepal.

Samsung Curd Maestro Overview

Curd holds a special place in our Nepalese culture, especially among the natives of the Kathmandu Valley. It is frequently associated with good fortune and luck. In its official press release, Samsung has stated that the Curd Maestro is a result of the company’s understanding of its consumer’s needs. It’s an attempt to address the pain point of curd making at home.

The Curd Making Process

Samsung Curd Maestro

Samsung claims that users can prepare curd within five to six hours using the Curd Maestro. The process takes little to no effort. However, the user must be patient enough. To prepare curd, the users need to mix curd culture and lukewarm milk in the container provided. After the mixture is mixed properly, the user needs to put the container inside the refrigerator. Samsung says you can select between different curd options, but it has not clarified what they are and what they do. The Curd Maestro can prepare soft curd in around 5 hours. If you prefer thick curd, you need to wait for an additional hour.

The Curd Maestro maintains a favorable condition for the starter-milk mixture to ferment into curd. Samsung claims that users do not need to worry about the weather conditions as the Maestro prepares curd with the same consistency in all weather conditions.

Rest of the features

Samsung Smart Convertible 5 in 1 refrigerator

Curd Maestro refrigerators are available in two volumes – 253 liters and 315 liters in Nepal. The options are quite limited as Samsung offers four options in India, the biggest of which features 336 liters capacity. The Curd Maestro is compatible with Samsung Smart Convertible 5 in 1 feature, which is only in Samsung’s premium offerings.

Samsung Curd Maestro Price in Nepal & Availability

Samsung Curd Maestro will be available in Nepal starting from August via HIM Electronics and Triveni Byapaar. The price of Samsung Curd Maestro in Nepal ranges between Rs. 63,990 and NPR 78,990.

Refrigerator Model Price in Nepal Availability
Samsung Curd Maestro (256 liters) Rs. 63,990
  • HIM Electronics
  • Triveni Byapaar
Samsung Curd Maestro (315 liters) Rs. 78,990
  • HIM Electronics
  • Triveni Byapaar
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