Samsung trademarks new Galaxy A series smartphones for 2021

Samsung A Series
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With the current success that Samsung has had with its M-series and the revamped A-series, we expected the company to add to these lineup of smartphones in 2019. The news of the new Galaxy A01 and Galaxy M31 caught our attention. But it seems like Samsung has thought further down the line than we thought. Recent leaks suggest that Samsung has already trademarked new smartphones under the Galaxy A series, that are expected to arrive in the market in 2021.

Samsung Galaxy A Series (2021)

Samsung has reportedly trademarked new smartphones under the Galaxy A-series. These phones are set to launch after a year. The trademark was filed with South Korea based SungAm Suh International Patent and Law Firm.

It has shed some light on devices such as Galaxy A12, Galaxy A32, Galaxy A42, Galaxy A52, Galaxy A62, Galaxy A72, Galaxy A82, and Galaxy A92. These phones will make their way into the market in 2021. We might get some information about the specs these phones will pack at the end of this year. We can even take references of the devices scheduled to launch this year like the Samsung Galaxy A51 And Galaxy A71.

Samsung Galaxy A71 Display
Samsung Galaxy A71

Samsung’s efforts to regain market share

With the emergence of Chinese brands like Xiaomi, Samsung started to lose its ground in the entry and mid-range segment of the market. It was more evident in the South Asian market where Samsung failed to please its audience with its offering at the lower end of the market. Samsung tried to improve that in 2019 with the all-new M series and also revamped its A-series of smartphones for the same. The smartphones under these lineups did well in the market. And Samsung is keen to build on this early success.

Galaxy A series in 2019

Samsung launched well over 10 smartphones under the A-series lineup of smartphones. First, it launched phones from A10 to A90 in the first two quarters of 2019. Later, the “s” variants of these phones were released.

Samsung Galaxy A series 2021 vs our take on A series (2020)

We believe that Samsung will work on what has already worked out for them. So we might see the new lineup of A series (2020) getting launched similarly as in 2019. We will see phones from A11 to A91. Later, Samsung will complement them with some “s” variants.

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