Tech gifts you can give your loved one this Valentine’s Day

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One of the very anticipated occasions as soon as the new year arrives is Valentine’s day. Of course, we hear a lot of stories about how Valentine’s day was named Valentine’s day or the reason for its existence. Nevertheless, what’s important is it’s still celebrated.
There are again, two schools of thoughts. Some say it is completely absurd and some celebrate it with all their heart. Similar to the concept of love, there’s no right or wrong. There are only perspectives and experiences, which we cannot differentiate as right or wrong.

Same is the situation of lovers, some are pro giving and accepting presents while some completely deny that its needed. Well, the debate will keep going on. We are here with some of the tech gifts on a budget, through which that you can express your love to your better half.

Gone are the days when we used to take technology as being guys cup of tea. Now, we can see girls paying attention and using tech stuff more often and the number is only growing. One of the things that give my point a validity is the writer of this article itself, who is a girl.

This Valentine’s we bring you the list of tech or tech related stuff you can gift to your partner this valentine’s day. To make the struggle of finding a valentine’s day give easier. Let’s proceed.

  1. Bluetooth Speakers

What better than a Bluetooth speaker for a partner who is a music enthusiast. they can carry it along with them wherever they go. At times when you can’t accompany them, the speaker will. As music has replaced books and has become our new best-friend while we are alone. We present you a list of speakers:

Anker Soundcore Nano

  • Body: Aluminum alloy
  • Network: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Runtime: 4 hours
  • Charge time: 1.5 hours
  • Price: Rs. 1,880
  • Buy Here

JBL Go Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker

 Dimension: 3.3×1.2×2.7 inches
 Weight: 222 grams
 Runtime: 5 hours
 Hands-free: yes
 Buttons: power, Bluetooth, volume up, volume down, speakerphone
 Body: tough plastic, rubber around the edges and the rear
 Price: Rs. 3,055
Buy Here

JBL Clip 2

 Network: Bluetooth 4.2
 Body: durable material, rubber
 Charge time: 2.5 hours
 Runtime: 8 hours
 Resistance: IPX7 (water resistance)
 Price: Rs. 6,000
Buy Here

Braven 105

braven 105 price in nepal


 Network: Bluetooth
 Runtime: 8 hours
 Resistance: IP67 (water and soundproof)
 Price: Rs. 5,300
Buy Here

Allocacoc Audiocube Wooden Edition:

 Network: Bluetooth 4.0
 Body: Polycarbonate (wood colored)
 Charge time: 4 hours
 Runtime: 12 hours
 Resistance: Splash proof
 Price: Rs. 8,500
 Available at: Sammy Traders (9818744984)

The speakers included here are not just portable but also convenient as the majority of these come with built-in carabiner. These are available in various shapes and colors. It gives the customers a variety of choice.

2. Powerbank (For the Always Online partner)

We all have successfully entered a time on earth where nothing hassle-free feels like an accomplishment. Addressing this success, we need objects that make our lives easier, one of which is powerbanks.

If we need our cell phones all the time, powerbanks to cell phones are exactly like the nebulizer to humans. These have become one of the necessities in our busy lives where we need to be on the phone all the time. Plug them together and add life to the battery. Also, keep the communication going with your loved one. Nothing annoys us more than not being able to keep a track of our loved ones. Guess what? ‘The battery went low’ excuse would have validity no more.

Let’s have a look at some of the powerbanks to add power to the communication going on:

Mi Powerbank 2:

Valentine's day tech gifts
 Charging: Bi-directional fast charge
 Battery: 10000 MAh
 Price: Rs. 2,499
 Available at:

Anker Powercore +:

Valentine's day tech gifts
 Battery: 10400 MAh
 Charging: USB type- C
 Price: Rs. 2,565
Buy Here

Powerbank SLIM by Allocacoc:

Valentine's day tech gifts
 Charging: micro-USB
 Battery: 5000 mAh
 Price: Rs. 2,190
 Available at: Sammy Traders (9818744984)

3. Smart-band (For the Gym/Health Conscious Enthusiast)

We are not unknown to the fitness wave going around and the fitness bands being produced along with them.

If your partner is a fitness enthusiast, smartband is exactly what you would want to gift them. Nothing makes a partner happy than knowing that the other partner is equally involved in the things they love. Smart bands are also convenient for going to the gym or a morning walk or exercising when it’s not possible to take your smartphone along as smartphones these days are smart enough in the fitness category as well.

Making it easier for you, we suggest some of the best working smart-bands on a budget:

Mi Band 2:

Valentine's day tech gifts
 Display: OLED
 Battery-life:
 Sensor: time, heart-rate, steps, sleep assistant, buzz when sitting for too long, incoming call and message alert
 Resistance: splash, dust, cosmetics, sweat
 Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
 Price: Rs. 4499
Buy here

Mi AmazFit:

Valentine's day tech gifts Display: reflective color display
 Screen: corning gorilla glass
 Battery-life: 45 days, standby: 4 months
 Sensor: heartbeat, exercising,
 GPS: Glonass dual-mode
 Resistance: IP68 (water and dust)
 Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
 Body: Polycarbonate
 Price: Rs. 10,500
Buy Here

4. Earphones

Earphones make the audio/visual experience much better. I found a good one, they help us get involved in the world the sound is playing in. It makes us a part of that world. And by gifting your loved one with a pair will surely make them closer to your world.
Here are our suggestions to make your earphones search easier while we have thousands of them to choose from:

JBL T210

Valentine's day tech gifts Price: Rs. 2,300
Buy Here

OnePlus Bullets V2

Valentine's day tech gifts Price: Rs. 2,750
Buy Here

Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro

Valentine's day tech gifts
 Price: Rs. 3,299
Buy Here

5. VR Box

Technology is ever-evolving. The next big thing in this revolution may be virtual reality (VR). Stay at home movie or game experience. It makes you feel like you are actually inside the world of game you are playing or the videos you are watching. One-time investment and a long-time payback.
If your partner is a gaming freak or a movies freak, you should definitely think of it as an option this valentine’s day. It would be as unique and as useful. Something that very fewer people would gift their loved ones.
We have come up with a couple of VR boxes under a budget, let’s proceed:

Samsung Gear VR

Valentine's day tech gifts Price: Rs. 11,000
 Available at:


Valentine's day tech gifts Price: Rs. 2000
Buy Here

6. Electric lamps

The time when load shedding was a problem is long gone. Now, everything that runs on electricity is back to its form. The influence of YouTube and various room makeover videos have made us want to have a makeover of our own. We have been longing for the commodities as seen on those videos. But, the availability is still a problem.

If you have a partner who is interested in aesthetically pleasing commodities for their rooms or if they are a geek you can gift them some unique, ‘futuristic’ looking lamps.

Not only are these good to look at, they are unique in their own ways. We suggest you some lamps that would give the romantic vibes

Heng balance lamp

  • Light: 5W LED
  • Power: 100-250V
  • Light color: warm white
  • Variation: beach wood(material) , colors(red, black, white)
  • Warranty: two years
  • Price: Rs. 3800 (plastic made,colored), Rs. 4800 (wooden made)
  • Available at: Sammy Traders (9818744984)

Xiaomi Philip lamp (second generation)

  • Light color: white
  • Lamp color: white
  • Price: Rs. 5,999
  • Light: smart light (controllable by phone)
  • Connection: through app to phone
  • Buy Here

Getting a present is always an amazing feeling and if it is well thought of, it makes it priceless. No matter how cliché it might sound but merely giving a present would mean nothing if you don’t truly respect or value them. Make your loved one feel special with gifts with added respect and importance which will bring the present to life.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Gadgets listed:

Bluetooth Speaker

 Anker Soundcore Nano
 JBL Go
 JBL Clip 2 Squad Edition
 Braven 105
 Allocacoc Audio cube (Wooden Edition)

 Mi Power bank 2
 Anker Power core
 Power bank SLIM by Allocacoc

Smart Band (For the Gym/Health Conscious Enthusiast)
 Mi Band 2
 Mi AmazFit

 JBL T210
 One Plus Bullets V2
 Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro

VR Box
 Samsung Gear VR
 Mi VR


 Heng Balance Lamp
 Xiaomi Philip Lamp