8 Things to Consider Before Buying Mobile, Smartphone, Tablet

Mobile, Smartphone, Tablet
Buying New Smartphone
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The smartphone industry is growing and the competition between companies has attained an unprecedented height. Every now and then, we see smartphone companies launching their latest phones with new features and specifications, so you just need to be careful while buying a new device to get the best out of it.

There are lots of things that you have to consider while buying a new handset, such as the size and build quality, performance and storage capacity, camera specifications, etc. However, before going through it, you need to make a checklist on what your expectations are from the device. You also have to focus on your budget which will help you get the best out of it.

#1 – Price and Budget

It is recommended to make checklists for that device you want to buy. It depends on you that how much you are willing to pay for that device and what exactly your budget. So, the first important step of buying a new smartphone  is to fix the budget and then research according to the price selected.

Mobile, Smartphone, Tablet Budget

#2 Screen Size and the Quality

Lots of people like bigger screen smartphones while some prefer a smaller screen. Because the bigger screen will help us to view everything clearly and in better form while smaller screen can be more comfortable to handle.

Recently launched iPhone SE was a smaller compared to iPhone 6 and 6S. Now, this can be a perfect phone for a person who wants to buy a small screen phone with iOS.

The size of the screen and its display type and pixel density as well. If that device doesn’t have a better quality of screen size every time you will feel sorry for yourself for buying.

#3 Thickness and Weight

Nowadays, we can see lots of people wanting a slim smartphone on their hand. But only slim and thin smartphones are not what you really need. You should be aware that, there will always be a compromise in order to provide you best smartphone. In most of the case with a slim thin smartphone, battery capacity or quality is compromised. (Not true in all cases).

The thickness and weight is an important factor while buying any gadgets. Usually, phones with higher battery capacity have more weight. But, a heavy phone can be uncomfortable to the users for mobility purposes.

#4 Operating System Software

An operating system is the major software of the mobile devices and tablets. The apps you run are working on top of the OS. Android, iOS, Windows Phone operating system, Blackberry OS, Ubuntu are some example of common OS used in Smartphones or Tablets.

  1. Consider using the latest mobile operating system as possible (Android N 7, Android Marshmallow 6)  or a previous version of operating system.
  2. Follow up on the brand of the manufacturer to make sure you gets regular updates. Example: Micromax, Intex, Lava and many cheap manufacturers are short in providing regular updates.

Mobile, Smartphone, Tablet OS

#5 Storage Capacity Mobile

Due to the better cameras and better quality Videos, the storage capacity is always a concern for everyone. Even though, cloud services are being rapidly used to transfer your data from your devices.

Storage Capacity is being huge issues in low-end smartphones. Usually the internal storage, which leads to lagging or slowing down of system software. Everybody wants huge storage capacity on their mobile devices to store each and every moment of their life. But, now considering a smartphone with High Internal Storage (ROM) and decent external expansion storage and do the job well.

If you are movie lover than you will need to store movies on your smartphone and for that you will need to have huge storage capcity.

Recently Launched Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge brought back the expansion slot. This opened a whole new level of customers. Another Launch iPhone SE of 16GB can be a pain for recent buyers because of the missing expandable storage. So, It is recommended to look at the Internal Storage as well as external expandable storage.

#6 Camera of Device and Tablet

The camera is nowadays one of an essential hardware in a mobile or a tablet. Whether you want a landscape, cityscape, or just a portrait your smartphone is there. During recent years, front camera quality and features have improved. Features like LED Flash in the secondary camera, Panorama, HDR and more have come with newer devices.The introduction of 4K recording capabilities, slow motion videos have changed the way we can capture the world.

Megapixel is not the only thing to look while choosing a camera phone or choosing a better camera. Example: The Samsung Galaxy S6 had 16 MP camera, but dropped to 12 MP, but the camera of S7 is better. Also, the Colors K3 has a 13MP camera, but this cannot be compared to S7 12MP camera.

#7 Hardware Configuration

Hardware configuration is the most important factor to look while buying a smartphone. Without a good hardware feature on a device, you will get slow processing speed and also a very unresponsive smartphone overall. Do check about the hardware, Is it ok for Gaming? Or Its it ok to run specific app?

The important thing that will make your device faster and better is RAM, ROM and Processor so always focus on getting a better quality of hardware inside your device. Heating of devices are usually caused by overusing or bad hardware configuration.

#8 Extra Features

Nowadays lots of peoples are looking for quick access features. Television and video streaming features, Fingerprint, NFC, Screen Mirroring, water resistant and much more. So, these various features might come with your budget. But not having these features does not make your phone a dumb phone.

Final Words

Buying a smartphone is not an easy task. Not especially if you want to buy the perfect smartphone for you or your family. Make a list of the main purpose of buying your new smartphone. If you are confused with making your choice. Message us, We can help you make it easier.