Samsung Galaxy A90 to get Snapdragon 855, 5G, Tilt OIS and a Triple Camera setup

samsung galaxy a90
Source: WaqarKhanHD
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Samsung’s Galaxy A series proved to be a kind of a gold mine. With 10 iterations of it this year alone, it got quite the popularity. From a budget phone like the Galaxy A10 to the fancy motorized camera phone like the Galaxy A80, the A-series has it all. While we already covered it’s sliding and rotating cameras here, some new information about the device has surfaced. Here’s what we know so far about the new Samsung Galaxy A90, which could also be a part of the new Galaxy R-series! Wonder what that’s all about…

Samsung Galaxy A90 Rumors

Snapdragon 855

The Galaxy A80 had a Snapdragon 730 in it, and if you want to build a more powerful phone, where do you go? Flagship standard, of course, So, rumors claim it will get the flagship grade Snapdragon 855 processor. If this pans out, it could quite be the first non-flagship Samsung phone to feature a flagship chipset. Also, this is a major reason why this has a higher chance of not panning out. Again, Samsung has changed its strategies to drastic extents in its smartphone division this year, so fingers crossed.

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The other part of this story comes in the form of 5G. Yes, this could very well be Samsung’s third (or second, depends on how you look at it) phone to feature the new cellular connectivity. Now, Samsung was rumored to launch an affordable 5G enabled smartphone, and going by the present situation, this could be it. Although calling this affordable is kind of an understatement.

Triple Cameras

samsung galaxy a90 slider rotating camera

Moving on, the Samsung Galaxy A90 gets a total of three cameras. Of course, that’s nothing new at this point of time, and since it will employ the same kind of mechanism as the A80, you can say it will have triple cameras at the front, too. Among the three cameras  we can either get a 48MP + 12MP + 5MP combination for the SM-A905 or 48MP + 8MP + 5MP for the SM-A908. The latter is the 5G version while the former is the regular 4G model.

And yeah…there is something called the Tilt OIS, which by the looks of it is a form of Optical Image Stabilization, but for now, we’re as clueless about it as you are.

Finally, here’s a rundown of the rest of the specs. It will get a 6.7-inch display, most probably a Full-HD but could also be a Quad-HD, as a part of the ongoing trend. There will also be an in-display fingerprint built into it. And that’s all what we know about this phone at present. The phone should be launching soon enough, but until then, it remains as one of the most exciting leaks from Samsung.