Best Camera Smartphones in Nepal Under Rs. 30000

best camera phones below 30000 nepal

If you have recently bought a smartphone, the first most probable question you will be asked will be either about its price or its camera. Therefore, smartphones nowadays are bought not just to call and text. Smartphones, these days have been a multi-purpose device and camera is one of the features on the phone that is used the most. Having a good camera on your phone will help you do many things with ease. So in order to save your time, we have prepared a list of best camera phones that can be bought under Rs. 30000.

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1Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro

Sheathed in a metallic body, the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro has a stronghold in the camera department. And despite being a year old, the device still outperforms the popular names in this price point. The handset boasts a 13MP camera on the back accompanied by single tone LED flash. An aperture of f/1.7 favors the rear camera, which helps to inlet light in abundance and giving out crisp and well-detailed images even on low lights. We can barely see grains and noises in the images shots on low lights. Even while zooming, the details on the images remain intact. The camera on J7 Pro also has fast processing speed and fast focusing capability.

Even while taking selfies, it does not disappoint the users. The 13MP camera on the phone does bring out exquisite images. The wide aperture of f/1.9 on the front camera welcomes greater amount of light and evades dark selfies. If the environment turned out to be extremely dark, one can always make a use of LED flash while capturing the moment.

The camera app on the smartphones is also furnished with Social Camera and Live Stickers. The social camera is the feature that lets the users share the captured image instantly on social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. In the Live Stickers feature, the app tracks the face of the user and spices up the selfies embedding lively stickers.

2Huawei Nova 2i

The Huawei Nova 2i is a proven camera smartphone. Even though the device is a year old, it can still go up against some of the heavy hitters of the present time. And the handset is also one of the rarest smartphones with the quad camera setup (dual camera at the back and at the front).

The Nova 2i possesses a pair of cameras comprising of the 16MP and 2MP sensors. The primary 16MP camera summons abundant details into the sensor, whereas the secondary 2MP camera gathers the depth information. And the information from both the sensors merges into one to produce an excellent Bokeh effect. There is also an LED flash alongside, which supports the lenses in a dark environment to produce a good quality image.

Talking about the selfie shooter, the Nova 2i has another dual camera setup up front, which is not a common feature in the smartphones available at this price segment. The 13MP and 2MP cameras on the forehead captures some appealing selfies. The camera pair also let the users capture some nifty portrait selfies. Furthermore, there is also the beauty mode to embellish the faces by enhancing the skin tones and muting the acne and facial blemishes.

3Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 AI

Xiaomi is not basically renowned for its cameras in the mid-range price segment. Packing a remarkable hardware for a better performance, Xiaomi had made compromises a lot of times in the past. However, the things are no longer the same with Xiaomi. The Chinese smartphone maker has been generous in providing some genuine and capable camera hardware even in the mid-range section. And the Redmi Note 5 AI is a legitimate example.

With the iPhone X like vertical aligned dual camera setup, the smartphone gathers the attention in the first glance. That twin cameras at the back comprise of 12MP and 5MP sensors. Since the dual camera cues the fancy portrait shots, the feature is not excluded on the Redmi Note 5 AI. The handset captures some appealing portrait shots with the blurred background. However, there is not the feature to adjust the blur intensity so the amount of blur on the portrait shot is automatic on the device.

Talking about the front camera, the smartphone boasts an AI-powered 13MP selfie shooter. With the AI capabilities, the front camera does the trick of embellishing the faces while capturing selfies in the beauty mode. Normal selfie from the phone is also praiseworthy with genuine clarity and remarkable details. Furthermore, the Note 5 AI is also a capable performer when it comes to capturing of portrait selfies.


4Xiaomi Redmi S2

Xiaomi Redmi S2 price nepal

It is not always one can see a mid-range smartphone from Xiaomi, which is particularly focused on the camera. And the Redmi S2 is the rare camera-centered mid-range phone in the Xiaomi’s smartphone lineup.

Talking about the rear camera, the Redmi S2 (AKA Redmi Y2 in the Indian market) comes with the similar vertically aligned dual camera like the Redmi Note 5 AI. It not just look identical in the design and alignment, the camera on both the phones have an identical megapixel count. The Redmi S2 also comes with the pair of cameras, which embraces 12MP and 5MP sensors. This camera-centric smartphone captures images with appealing clarity and with plenty of details. The portrait mode on this handset is also remarkable with near perfect edge-detection.

Xiaomi has also included EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) on the rear camera because of which the images/videos taken from the phone are less affected by shakes and vibrations while capturing the images and shooting videos.

And for the selfies and video calls, Xiaomi has managed to place a 16MP selfie shooter on the forehead of the phone. The front camera is not rich in terms of the megapixel count, it also inherits the sensor large pixel size (2.0µm). With this setup, the Redmi S2 promises a stellar performance on the camera department.

5Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo

The Galaxy J7 Duo is the Samsung first mid-range smartphone in Nepal with the dual camera setup at the back. The camera duo at the rear panel comprises the 13MP and 5MP sensors. While capturing the images, the camera performs surprising well: the images are sharp and clear, color pops out sharp and accurate, and it also packs in substantial details into the images. Since the smartphone possesses a wide aperture so that the sensor gets sufficient light even while taking images on the low light scenario. Due to which, there is reasonably less amount of noise and grains in the images shot from Galaxy J7 Duo.

Not just the normal shots, the Galaxy J7 Duo is also a capable performer on capturing the portrait shots. When the camera pair on the J7 Duo is brought into action, the handset captures appealing images with the blurred backgrounds. Since there is the Live Focus mode in the handset, users can also adjust the blur intensity and the focus area even after taking the shots. If you don’t like the images with the blurred background, you can easily switch back to the normal photo.

Talking about the front camera, the handset comes with a promising 8MP selfie shooter. The front camera on the device is also an excellent performer. It produces social media ready images on the go. And in order to spice up the selfie game, one can also take portrait selfies from the handset.

6Xiaomi MI A1

Mid-range Xiaomi smartphones are often criticized for its camera. The images taken from the Xiaomi smartphones comes out to be washed out lacking the vibrancy and true tones. But with the Xiaomi MI A1, Xiaomi stepped up forward to silent the critics.

This Android One smartphone embraces dual camera setup on the back. The 12MP pair on the back is a combination of a wide-angle and a telephoto lens. The setup is capable of shooting impressive images with the details fitting it into a large sensor having a large pixel size. The rear camera setup is also capable of shooting images up to 2x optical zoom without loss in quality. The setup is also assisted by dual-LED (dual-tone) flash to improve the low light capabilities. Upfront there is a 5MP camera for the selfies.

7Vivo V9 Youth

When it comes to Vivo, the smartphone always offers big in the camera department. And Vivo V9 Youth is not an exception. In a sleek and stylish body, V9 Youth managed to equip a pair of capable cameras at the back quite elegantly. The dual camera setup on the phone comprises of 16MP and 2MP, which is a promising device for capturing the portrait shots. With the dual cameras in action, the smartphone manages to shoot some sharp and vibrant portrait shots. And the most interesting thing about the handset is that the focus area and blur intensity can be adjusted even after taking the shots.

Talking about the selfies, the smartphone possesses 16MP front shooter. The selfie shooter on the Vivo V9 Youth is not just rich in terms of megapixel count, it also captivates its users with its stellar performance. The V9 Youth captures remarkable selfies with sharp details and pleasing tones. The shutter button also works fine without any shutter lags. The smartphone is also furnished with the Face beautification feature. The feature promotes natural-looking beautification and could be handy amongst the selfie lovers who desire beautification in the real time.

8Oppo F5 Youth

Don’t let the name fool you. Oppo F5 Youth is the base variant of the Oppo F5 with a slight demotion in the features. Oppo, the brand which claims to the selfie Expert and Leader and yet again tried to embellish this handset focusing on the front shooter.

The selfie shooter on the Oppo F5 Youth comes with the 16MP resolution. The front camera captures astounding selfies and the AI beautification feature also works remarkably most of the times.

Talking about the rear camera, the smartphone takes decent pictures with its 13MP sensor. Although pinkish tint was evident most of the times while taking images, it did not create a brutal color distortion. The smartphone captures the images with ample details and the shutter button is also genuinely snappy.

9Coolpad Cool Play 6

Being packed with the cool and playful features in the camera department, Coolpad Cool Play 6 comes with dual lens setup at the back. The twin cameras at the rear comprise of 13-megapixel sensors accompanied by dual tone LED flash. One of them is an RGB sensor whereas the other is a b/w sensor. These two lenses work together to give better quality photos and aid in better low light performance as well. The camera app also has an SLR mode that lets you capture portraits with bokeh effect.

The camera app is pretty straightforward and comes with some useful modes like Night mode, Beauty mode, and the pro mode for full manual control. Coming to the videos, the rear camera is capable of shooting up to 4k videos and shoots 120fps 720p videos in the SloMo mode.

On the front, it has 8-megapixel 80-degree wide angle lens that takes decent selfies under good lighting condition. The front is capable of shooting 1080p videos at the highest.

10Huawei Y9 2018

The Huawei Y9 2018 is the toned down version of the Huawei Nova 2i. So it is also known as the Huawei Nova 2i Lite. The Nova 2i Lite comes with the similar quad camera setup just like the Nova 2i. It also falls on the list of lucky camera smartphones, which possesses dual camera setup on both the front and back ends.

Aligned in a horizontal configuration, the camera pair at the back embraces the 16MP and 2MP sensors. The secondary 2MP sensor on the phone backs the primary 16MP camera by garnering the depth info while taking the portrait shots. Images from the device look all sharp and crisp but it looks quite overexposed while capturing the images in the bright environment.

Talking about the front camera, the Huawei Y9 2018 with camera duo with 13MP and 2MP sensors. In addition to taking the portrait images with blurred backgrounds, there are plenty of playful features one make use of. The front camera comes with the Selfie Beautify 5.0 feature, which supports portrait mode, hand gestures, funny cosplay effects and smart toning adjust.