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Dual Camera On Phones- How it Works & Why Do You Need it?

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The dual-camera system was introduced in HTC M8 back in 2014. LG G5 and Huawei P9 followed the technology later. Nowadays, we can see a lot of smartphones are adding dual-camera system, including iPhone7 Plus.

Why are phone companies adding extra camera when there is still so much to improve on the single camera? Well, first of all, let me tell you everything you need to know about dual-camera. And after reading this article, I can guarantee you that you will also be begging for a dual-camera smartphone.

Theory (how it works)

dual-camera system

A dual-camera system is also known as a stereo-camera. In this system, there usually is one primary camera whose job is to capture photos like our old single camera phone; while the second camera (secondary camera) is used to add details to the photo. This secondary camera is added to give our photos the professional finish.

Why do you need a dual camera smartphone?

1. Better Sensor

Unlike DSLR, smartphone’s camera has a small sensor. Because adding a big sensor on a phone means a bulky and heavy phone, and trust me, you wouldn’t want to be carrying a DSLR in your pocket. Plus, you wouldn’t want your phone to die because you clicked a photo! But, why would I want a bigger sensor after all? Because, if you ask any professional photographers, they will tell you a bigger sensor means a better photo.

Therefore, by using two cameras with small sensors, smartphones can actually imitate the effect of having a bigger sensor. Thus, capturing more information and light for better low-light images.

2. Better Focus

Sometimes you realize that the photo you clicked would have looked better if you had focused on the background instead. Well, if you have a dual-camera smartphone, you can refocus the image later. Also, with the dual-camera system you get better focus: Huawei P9 uses two cameras with same focal length –one camera clicks a black-and-white image while other camera clicks a normal colored image and the phone’s software, later, combines them. Thus, increasing the focus speed and the quality of photo even in dark environment.

3. Better Zoom

Another cool thing dual-camera phones can do is zooming. If you want to zoom an image using a smartphone, you either need to go closer to the object or use an external lens. You could do digital zooming but that would degrade the quality of the image. However, with dual-camera technique, you can achieve optical zoom: adding an extra-wide-angle lens like LG G5 or telephoto lens like iPhone 7 Plus to one usual wide-angle lens that most smartphones have can help you zoom better.

Furthermore, the dual-camera system could also help you measure the distance between your phone and objects. There are many applications for dual-camera, but we will have to wait and see how smartphone companies play with it.

Therefore, the next time you plan on buying a phone, choose a dual-camera smartphone and click photos like a pro!