ColorOS 14 (Android 14) Beta Update Roadmap is here for OPPO smartphones!

Oppo ColorOS 14 Update Roadmap
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The Android 14 update, initially introduced on Pixel phones, is gradually making its way through. Oppo, the Chinese tech giant has also disclosed the Android 14 roadmap with ColorOS 14. Here’s a brief overview of the updated roadmap and key features of ColorOS 14 for Oppo smartphones.

Oppo ColorOS 14 Update Roadmap:

The ColorOS 14 update has already started. The first one to get a stable version of this OS will be Oppo Find N2 Flip in mid-November. Others will first get the beta update, and based on the feedback, Oppo will fine-tune the stable release of the OS for that device.

Beta Update Rollout timeline

The ColorOS 14 beta update timing may vary depending on the region you live in. But here is the general schedule:

October 2023

November 2023

December 2023

  • K series: Oppo K10 5G
  • A-series: Oppo A77 5G

January 2024

April 2024

  • Reno series: Oppo Reno8 Z 5G
  • F-series: Oppo F21s Pro 5G
  • A-series: Oppo A95 5G

One flaw I found here is that the Oppo F21s Pro 5G has been mentioned twice. Hence, one of them might be the F21 Pro 5G.

What’s new in Oppo ColorOS 14?

There are many tweaks and turns in this update. But I will focus on the important ones quickly.


Remember the Aquamorphic design from the last version? It is getting an upgrade in ColorOS 14. Specifically, the feature will have new sound effects, color systems, and interactions based on the smartphone’s status, time, and on-screen content. Plus, the new Aqua Dynamics design integrates bubbles, capsules, and panels expandable from the status bar for enhanced interaction.

Oppo ColorOS 14 Aqua Dynamics design

Plus, ColorOS 14 brings in GO Green Always-On-Display, displaying environment-based animations linked to your step count. The animations signify reduced carbon emissions through walking instead of alternative transportation. Users can also open Snapchat easily with a lock-screen shortcut. Additionally, “Snapchat Card on Shelf” provides a quick view of messages, status, and friend locations.

Oppo ColorOS 14 Design
Left: GO Green AOD, Right: Snapchat Lock-screen Shortcut

AI-powered features

The AI-based Smart Touch enables users to collect texts, images, and videos from all apps into the new File Dock (situated at the Smart Sidebar). The stored contents can then be dragged and used across other apps. The added benefit is that this “clipboard-like thing” is synced across Oppo devices.

Oppo ColorOS 14 AI-powered features

Another feature that uses AI is “Smart Image Matting,” which crops out multiple subjects from an image or a frame of the video. Users can edit the cutouts as well as share them with friends. And the new “Smart Charging” adjusts the charging current based on the smartphone’s usage, minimizing battery wear and tear.

Trinity Engine

ColorOS 14 promises smoother performance across Oppo devices, thanks to virtualization in their Trinity Engine. ROM virtualization compresses apps and files to save up to 20GB of data. While the RAM virtualization keeps more memory for background apps. And lastly, CPU virtualization strikes a balance between efficiency and performance using better scheduling of tasks.

Oppo ColorOS 14 Trinity Engine


Aside from that, ColorOS 14 also focuses on privacy. It introduces Picture Keeper, retaining Android 14’s ability to prevent apps from getting your whole gallery. Instead, the app will need permission for selected images from the user every time for added security.

Oppo ColorOS 14 Privacy

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