Say hello to ColorOS 7! OPPO has finally revealed the latest version of its Android skin

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Do you like stock Android? Well, I do! But some don’t and that’s fine as well. Different smartphone manufacturers have their own little (or in some cases pretty darn heavy) tweak to the Android OS UI. OPPO, a Chinese manufacturer has its own Android skin which it calls “ColorOS“. At an event held in Beijing, China, the company unveiled ColorOS 7 (based on Android 10) alongside details about which phones will be getting it and when.

ColorOS 7 Features

OPPO is emphasizing on eased viewing experience with the ColorOS 7. With the new rounded icon design and lighter color shades, the UI feels a little more homely, if that makes sense. This may seem like a minute thing, but evidently, it has been where the industry is headed. Google also rebranded the “Android” logo with a little more curved design. Additionally, you can now also customize the app icons, size, and font.

Also making its entry is the much-demanded “System-Wide Dark Mode“. This will surely help in reducing eye-strain while simultaneously improving the battery life as well. Wallpapers are getting an overhaul too with new “Art+ Wallpapers“, which reacts and animates based on user touches.

Furthermore, OPPO has partnered up with the Danish company “Episound” to redesign the sound effects in its devices, for a natural aural experience. This is similar to what we saw in Xiaomi’s MIUI 11.

“Camera” has always been one of the highlight features of any OPPO phone. With ColorOS 7, the company is adding features like “Video Blur“, “Portrait Mode 2.0“, “Night View“, “Super Stabilization“, “Beauty 2.0“, all on an improved camera app UI. Moreover, the company is also embedding the “Soloop Video Editing app” with ColorOS 7.

On the performance end, the company says ColorOS 7 can provide up to 25% faster app startup while the RAM utilization has been improved by a massive 40%. Moving to games, it will also deliver better touch response and game frame rates with “Hyperboost” technology.

The company’s in-house virtual assistant “Breeno” also sees improvement. You can now interact with Breeno hands-free, use “driving mode”, and also schedule tasks. On a different note, the company also claims up to a 10% increase in battery life and the new “Smart Sleep” feature optimizes standby usage and reduces power usage by 35%.

ColorOS 7 Release | When will my Phone get Color OS 7?

The forthcoming Reno3 will be the first OPPO smartphone to ship with ColorOS 7. More devices scheduled for the release are as follows:

OPPO Phones

Realme Phones

  • Phase 1 (Feb 2020) – X, 3 Pro
  • Phase 2 (Mar 2020) – Q, 5 Pro
  • Phase 3 (Apr 2020) – X2, X2 Pro

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