Oppo outlines Android 13-based ColorOS 13 December update timeline

Oppo ColorOS 13 Update Rollout Timeline Update Tracker
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Oppo released the official version of ColorOS 13 in August, along with a rollout plan for the rest of the year. Besides this, it has been releasing a separate update plan every month to make it easier to track down the timeline. Here we will go through the list of devices that are eligible for Android-13-based ColorOS 13.

Oppo ColorOS 13 Update Roadmap

Oppo began rolling out the new Android-based skin refresh to the flagship Find X5 Series in August, the same day ColorOS 13 was made official globally. Since then, the smartphone maker has released the update to more than a dozen devices.

By the end of 2022, the company plans to leverage ColoOS 13 to 35 smartphones in 60 countries and regions. The new UI will make its way to more than 20 other devices beginning in 2023. According to Oppo, “this is the biggest update plan ever in the history of ColorOS.”

However, this is not a stable UI refresh; rather, the company is releasing the beta version of ColorOS 13. As a result, only users who have enrolled in the trial program will be eligible for the update.

But worry not, you’ll get a stable version after the company irons out all of the bugs found during the beta phase. Let’s now take a look at the ColorOS 13 rollout timeline based on Android 13.

Rollout timeline

Oppo ColorOS 13 Update Roadmap





  • Reno Series: Oppo Reno7 Z 5G, Reno6 Pro 5G, Reno6 Pro 5G Diwali Edition, Reno6 Z 5G, Reno5 Pro 5G
  • F-Series: Oppo F21 Pro 5G, F19 Pro+
  • K-Series: Oppo K10
  • A-Series: Oppo A96


From H1 2023:

  • Oppo Pad: Oppo Pad Air
  • Reno Series: Oppo Reno8Lite 5G, Reno7 Lite 5G, Reno7 A, Reno6, Reno6 Lite, Reno5, Reno5 Marvel Edition, Reno5 F, Reno5 Lite, Reno5 A,
  • F-Series: Oppo F19 Pro, F19, F19s
  • A-Series: Oppo A95, A94, A77, A74, A57, A57s, A55, A54 5G, A53s 5G, A16s

This is the complete roll-out roadmap shared by Oppo. But, as mentioned earlier, the company releases a separate timeline at the beginning of each month to notify users about the monthly release schedule, which includes both stable and beta releases.

Monthly Rollout Timeline


In November, Oppo rolled out the stable UI update on over a dozen of devices. Whereas there are a host of devices scheduled for the beta builds.

Oppo ColorOS 13 Update Roadmap November 2022

Stable Rollout
  • Ongoing: Find X5 Pro, Find X5
  • From 8th Nov: Reno 8 Pro 5G (India, Vietnam)
  • From 11th Nov: Find X3 Pro (Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia)
  • From 18th Nov: Reno 8 5G (India), K10 5G (India), A77 5G (the UAE)
  • From 22nd Nov: Reno 7 (Indonesia), F21 Pro (India)
  • From 30th Nov: Reno 7 Z 5G (Indonesia), F21 Pro 5G (India), K10 (India), A76 (India), A96 (India)
Beta Version 
  • Ongoing: Find X3 Pro, Reno 8 Pro 5G, Reno 8 5G, Reno 7Z 5G, F21 Pro 5G, Reno 7 Pro 5G, Reno 7 5G, Reno 7, Reno 6 5G, F21 Pro, K10 5G, A77 5G, K10, A96, A76
  • From 8th Nov: Reno 6Z 5G (Thailand)
  • From 9th Nov: Reno 6 Pro 5G (Indonesia, Saudi Arabia), Reno 5 Pro 5G (India, Saudi Arabia), Reno 5 Pro (Pakistan), F19 Pro+ (India)
  • From 18th Oct: A74 5G (India, Indonesia)


Oppo’s December update schedule is as crowded as the previous month. This month, the older Reno and Find X series will begin receiving the Android 13 beta builds. Along with a bunch of new F, A, and K-series smartphones.

Oppo ColorOS 13 based on Android 13 December Rollout timeline

Stable Rollout
  • Ongoing: Oppo Find X5 Pro, Find X5, Find X3 Pro, Reno8 Pro, Reno8, Reno7, Reno7 Z 5G, F21 Pro 5G, F21 Pro, K10 5G, K10, A96, A77, A76
  • From December 15: Oppo Find X3 Lite (France), Reno7 5G (India), Reno6 Pro 5G (Indonesia, Saudi Arabia), Reno7 5G (India), Reno5 Pro 5G (Saudi Arabia), Reno5 5G (Indonesia)
  • From December 21: Oppo Find X3 Neo (France)
  • From December 28: Oppo Reno6 Z (Thailand), Reno 5 Pro 5G (India, Pakistan), Reno5 Z (UAE), F19 Pro+ 5G (India)
  • From December 29: Oppo Find X5 Lite (France), A74 5G (India, Indonesia)
Beta Rollout
  • Ongoing: Oppo Find X2 Pro, Find X2, Reno8, Reno7 Pro 5G, Reno7 5G, Reno6 Pro 5G, Reno6 5G, Reno6 Z, Reno5 Pro 5G, F21s Pro, F19 Pro+ 5G, A74
  • From December 9: Oppo Reno8 Z (Thailand), F21s Pro 5G (India)
  • From December 23: Oppo F19s (India), F19 (Indonesia), A95 (Indonesia), A77s (India, Indonesia), A74 (Indonesia)

What’s new in Oppo ColorOS 13?

Anamorphic Design

Oppo has introduced an “Aquamorphic Design” with the new skin which is inspired by how water behaves in nature. The new UI design improves the overall system layout with new fonts and typography, which improves readability.

Oppo ColorOS 13 Aquamorphic Design

Furthermore, Oppo’s new self-developed Dynamic Computing Engine solution is said to deliver a more smooth and more stable system and all-around improvements to the fundamental user experience.

Smart Always-on Display

Smart Always-on Display

The company has also made changes to the Always-on Display feature. The screen can now display information from music and food delivery apps which provides users with easier access to information.

OPPO has also collaborated with service providers such as Bitmoji and Spotify to offer a variety of convenient and personalized experiences on the lock screen. As a result, Oppo is citing it as a “Smart Always-on Display.”

Multi-Screen Connect

Multi-screen Connect

Furthermore, one of the most significant updates in the new UI is the Multi-screen connect feature. It basically allows you to connect your smartphone to the OPPO Pad Air or a PC. Thus, you will have the convenience of file transfer without the need for any hardware, which in turn will increase your productivity.

Privacy and Security

In terms of security, ColorsOS 13 from Oppo incorporates Android 13‘s underlying privacy feature. For example, the system will automatically delete the clipboard history after a short period of time, preventing information breaches or leaks. And the Nearby Wi-Fi feature allows users to connect to Wi-Fi without revealing their exact location.

Likewise, there’s a new Oppo self-developed technology, called Auto Pixelate which can automatically recognize and blur out profile photos and names in chat screenshots with a single tap.

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