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This is the Mobile Price in Nepal section where you will find the latest price of all the smartphones available in Nepal officially (2024). In Nepal, smartphones are mostly sold via offline retail shops. Only 10% account for online sales. With Alibaba-owned Daraz and newcomers like Hukut making their presence in Nepal, mobile brands are launching a few models exclusively on online platforms. However, offline sales still rule with over 90% market share. But, with significant internet penetration here in Nepal, we can predict online mobile sales will be going to surge in years to come.

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Model Best Buying Price
Galaxy A04e (3+32GB) Rs. 12,999
Galaxy A04 (4+64GB) Rs. 16,999 14,999
Galaxy A05 (4+64GB) Rs. 14,999  
Galaxy A05 (6+128GB) Rs. 18,999 17,999   
Galaxy A04s (4+128GB) Rs. 21,999 19,999
Galaxy A05s (4+128GB) Rs. 21,999
Galaxy A05s (6+128GB) Rs. 23,999
Galaxy M14 4G (4+64GB) Rs. 16,999 (New)
Galaxy M14 4G (6+128GB) Rs. 20,999 (New)
Galaxy M15 5G (6+128GB) Rs. 26,999 (New)
Galaxy A14 5G (6+128GB) Rs. 27,999
Galaxy A14 5G (8+128GB) Rs. 29,999
Galaxy A15 5G (6+128GB) Rs. 27,999
Galaxy A15 5G (8+128GB) Rs. 29,999 (New)
Galaxy A15 5G (8+256GB) Rs. 33,999 (New)
Galaxy A24 (6+128GB) Rs. 28,999
Galaxy A24 (8+128GB) Rs. 31,999
Galaxy M33 5G (6+128GB) Rs. 33,999
Galaxy M33 5G (8+128GB) Rs. 35,999
Galaxy A25 5G (8+128GB) Rs. 40,999 39,999
Galaxy A25 5G (8+256GB) Rs. 44,999 42,999
Galaxy A34 5G (8+128GB) Rs. 45,999 43,999
Galaxy M35 5G (8+256GB) Rs. 44,999 (New)
Galaxy A35 5G (8+128GB) Rs. 46,999 (New)
Galaxy A35 5G (8+256GB) Rs. 51,999 (New) 
Galaxy M55 5G (8+256GB) Rs. 48,999 (New)
Galaxy M55 5G (12+256GB) Rs. 53,999 (New)
Galaxy F54 5G (8+256GB) Rs. 52,499
Galaxy A54 5G (8+128GB) Rs. 56,999
Galaxy A54 5G (8+256GB) Rs. 59,999
Galaxy A55 5G (8+256GB) Rs. 62,999 (New)
Galaxy A55 5G (12+256GB) Rs. 67,999 (New)
Galaxy S23 FE 5G (8+256GB) Rs. 85,999
Galaxy S24 (8/128GB) Rs. 99,999
Galaxy S24 (8/256GB) Rs. 119,999
Galaxy S24+ (12/256GB) Rs. 142,999
Galaxy S24 Ultra (12/256GB) Rs. 184,999
Galaxy S24 Ultra (12/512GB) Rs. 199,999
Galaxy Z Flip 5 (8+256GB) Rs. 139,999
Galaxy Z Fold 5 (12+256GB) Rs. 226,999
Galaxy Z Fold 5 (12+512GB) Rs. 239,999

Apple iPhones

Model  Best Buying Price
iPhone 11 (128GB) Rs. 69,000
iPhone 12 (128GB) Rs. 85,100
iPhone 13(128GB) Rs. 95,000
iPhone 14 (128GB) Rs. 114,000
iPhone 15 (128GB) Rs. 135,200
iPhone 15 (256GB) Rs. 154,200
iPhone 15 (512GB) Rs. 191,900
iPhone 15 Plus (128GB) Rs. 154,200  
iPhone 15 Plus (256GB) Rs. 173,000
iPhone 15 Plus (512GB) Rs. 210,800
iPhone 15 Pro (128GB) Rs. 176,499
iPhone 15 Pro (256GB) Rs. 195,400
iPhone 15 Pro (512GB) Rs. 233,200
iPhone 15 Pro (1TB) Rs. 270,900
iPhone 15 Pro Max (256GB) Rs. 214,300  
iPhone 15 Pro Max (512GB) Rs. 252,100
iPhone 15 Pro Max (1TB) Rs. 289,900


Model                                               Best Buying Price
Vivo Y01 (2+32GB) Rs. 12,499
Vivo Y02 (2+32GB) Rs. 11,999
Vivo Y02 (3+32GB) Rs. 13,499 12,999
Vivo Y02T (4+64GB) Rs. 13,999 12,999
Vivo Y03 (4+64GB) Rs. 13,499 (New)
Vivo Y03 (4+128GB) Rs. 14,499 (New)
Vivo Y17s (4+128GB) Rs. 14,999
Vivo Y17s (6+128GB) Rs. 16,999
Vivo Y18 (6+128GB) Rs. 17,999 (New)
Vivo Y27 (6+128GB) Rs. 23,999
Vivo Y27s (8+256GB) Rs. 24,999
Vivo Y36 (8+128GB) Rs. 26,999
Vivo Y36 (8+256GB) Rs. 28,999
Vivo Y55 (8+128GB) Rs. 33,999
Vivo V30 Lite (8+256GB) Rs. 33,999 (New)
Vivo V27e (8+256GB) Rs. 41,999
Vivo V29e (8+ 256GB) Rs. 42,999
Vivo V25 5G (8+128GB) Rs. 52,999
Vivo V27 5G (8+256GB) Rs. 58,999 56,999
Vivo V29 5G (12+256GB) Rs. 59,999
Vivo V30 5G (12+256GB) Rs. 60,999 (New)


Model                                                   Best Buying Price
Nord N200 (4+64GB) Rs. 17,499
Nord N30 SE (4+128GB) Rs. 26,499
Nord CE 3 Lite (8+128GB) Rs. 41,999
Nord CE 3 Lite (8+256GB) Rs. 45,999
Nord CE 3 (12+256GB) Rs. 54,000
OnePlus Nord 3 (8+128GB) Rs. 69,999
OnePlus Nord 3 (16+256GB) Rs. 75,999
OnePlus 10T (8+128GB) Rs. 94,999
OnePlus 10T (16+256GB) Rs. 114,999
OnePlus 11 (8+128GB) Rs. 129,999
OnePlus 11 (16+256GB) Rs. 134,999
OnePlus 12R (16+256GB) Rs. 90,999 (New)
OnePlus 12 (16+512GB) Rs. 139,999 (New)


Model                                        Best Buying Price
Redmi A2 (2+32GB) Rs. 10,499
Redmi A2+ (2+32GB) Rs. 11,499
Redmi A2+ (3+64GB) Rs. 11,999
Redmi A3 (3+64GB) Rs. 11,999 (New)
Redmi A3 (4+128GB) Rs. 12,999 (New)
Redmi 12C (4+64GB) Rs. 14,499 12,999
Redmi 12C (6+128GB) Rs. 16,999 15,999
Redmi 13C (4+128GB) Rs. 13,999
Redmi 13C (6+128GB) Rs. 15,999
Redmi 13C (8+256GB) Rs. 18,999
Redmi 10 Prime (4+64GB) Rs. 20,499
Redmi 10 Prime (6+128GB) Rs. 23,999
Redmi 12 (6/128GB) Rs. 17,999
Redmi 12 (8/256GB) Rs. 20,999
Redmi Note 12  (4+128GB) Rs. 22,999
Redmi Note 12 (6+128GB) Rs. 24,999
Redmi Note 12 (8+128GB) Rs. 26,999
Redmi Note 12 (8+256GB) Rs. 27,999
Redmi Note 12 5G (6+128GB) Rs. 29,999
Redmi Note 12 5G (8+256GB) Rs. 31,999
Redmi Note 13 4G (6+128GB) Rs. 24,999
Redmi Note 13 4G (8+256GB) Rs. 27,999
Redmi Note 13 Pro (8+256GB) Rs. 34,999 32,999
Redmi Note 13 Pro (12+512GB) Rs. 39,999 35,999
Redmi Note 13 Pro+ (8+256GB) Rs. 47,999
Redmi Note 13 Pro+ (12+512GB) Rs. 52,999
Xiaomi 13 Lite (8+128GB) Rs. 54,999
Xiaomi 13 Lite (8+256GB) Rs. 57,999
Xiaomi 14 (12+512GB) Rs. 99,999 (New)
Xiaomi 13 Pro (12+256GB) Rs. 129,999


Model Best Buying Price
POCO C31 (3+32GB) Rs. 14,999
POCO C31 (4+64GB) Rs. 16,499 
POCO M5 (4+64GB) Rs. 20,499
POCO M5 (6+128GB) Rs. 23,999
POCO X5 Pro (6+128GB) Rs. 39,999 (out of stock) 
POCO X5 Pro (8+256GB) Rs. 42,999 (out of stock) 


Model                                             Best Buying Price
Honor X5 (2+32GB) Rs. 11,990
Honor X5 Plus (4+64GB) Rs. 15,490 13,990
Honor X6 (4+64GB) Rs. 18,490
Honor X6a (4+128GB) Rs. 17,490 15,990
Honor X7b (8+256GB) Rs. 23,999 (New)
Honor X7 (4+128GB) Rs. 24,990
Honor X7a (6+128GB) Rs. 22,990 19,990
Honor X8 (6+128GB) Rs. 29,990
Honor X8a (8+128GB) Rs. 30,490 28,490
Honor X8b (8+512GB) Rs. 29,999 (New)
Honor 90 Lite (8+256GB) Rs. 31,990
Honor X9 (8+128GB) Rs. 38,490
Honor X9a (8+256GB) Rs. 45,990 39,990
Honor X9b (12+256GB) Rs. 43,999
Honor 90 (12+256GB) Rs. 58,990
Honor 90 (12+512GB) Rs. 63,990
Honor Magic 6 Pro (12+512GB) Rs. 159,999 (New) 
Honor Magic 5 Pro (12+512GB) Rs. 164,990
Honor Magic V2 (16+512GB) Rs. 239,999 (New)


Model Best Buying Price
Realme C30s (2+32GB) Rs. 13,499
Realme C51 (4+128GB) Rs. 14,499
Realme C53 (6+128GB) Rs. 16,499
Realme C55 (6+64GB) Rs. 15,499
Narzo 50i Prime (3+32GB) Rs. 14,499
Narzo 50i Prime (4+64GB) Rs. 15,999
Narzo N53 (4+64GB) Rs. 15,999
Narzo N53 (8+128GB) Rs. 17,999
Narzo 50A Prime (4+64GB) Rs. 20,299
Narzo 50A Prime (4+128GB) Rs. 21,799
Narzo N55 (4+64GB) Rs. 20,499
Narzo N55 (6+128GB) Rs. 24,499
Realme 9i (4+64GB) Rs. 24,499
Realme 9i (6+128GB) Rs. 27,999
Realme 9i 5G (6+128GB) Rs. 29,999
Realme 10 (8+128GB) Rs. 29,999
Realme 11X (8+128GB) Rs. 29,999
Realme 11 (8+256GB) Rs. 39,999
Realme 10 Pro+ (8+128GB) Rs. 45,999
Realme 11 Pro (8+256GB) Rs. 47,999
Realme 11 Pro+ (12+256GB) Rs. 61,999
Realme 12 Pro+ (12+256GB) Rs. 50,999 (New) 
Realme GT 2 Pro (12+256GB) Rs. 109,999


Model                                           Best Buying Price
OPPO A16k (3+32GB) Rs. 15,990
OPPO A16k (4+64GB) Rs. 17,490
OPPO A16 (4+64GB) Rs. 22,990
OPPO A17K (3+64GB) Rs. 14,999 13,499
OPPO A18 (4+128GB) Rs. 14,499
OPPO A17 (4+64GB) Rs. 19,999 15,999
OPPO A38 (4+128GB) Rs. 16,999
OPPO A57 (4+64GB) Rs. 23,499 18,999
OPPO A76 (6+128GB) Rs. 29,990
OPPO A77 (4+128GB) Rs. 25,999 21,999
OPPO A77s (8+128GB) Rs. 30,999 25,999
OPPO A58 (6+128GB) Rs. 24,999
OPPO A78 (8+256GB) Rs. 32,999
OPPO F19 (6+128GB) Rs. 31,990
OPPO F19 Pro (8+128GB) Rs. 35,990
OPPO F21 Pro (8+128GB) Rs. 39,999 34,999
OPPO Reno 11 F 5G (8+256GB) Rs. 43,999 (New)
OPPO Reno 10 5G (8+256GB) Rs. 56,999


Model Best Buying Price
Nothing phone (1) (8+128GB) Rs. 58,999
Nothing phone (1) (8+256GB) Rs. 61,999
Nothing phone (2) (12+256GB) Rs. 75,699  
Nothing phone (2) (12+512GB) Rs. 83,299


Model Best Buying Price
Infinix Smart 7 HD (2+64GB) Rs. 11,799
Infinix Smart 6 HD (2+32GB) Rs. 11,999
Infinix Smart 6 (2+32GB) Rs. 12,999
Infinix Smart 8 (3+64GB) Rs. 11,499
Infinix Smart 8 (4+128GB) Rs. 12,999
Infinix Smart 8 Pro (4+64GB) Rs. 12,999
Infinix Smart 8 Pro (4+128GB) Rs. 13,499
Infinix Smart 8 Plus (4+64GB) Rs. 13,999
Infinix Smart 7 Plus (4+64GB) Rs. 12,999
Infinix Hot 20i (4+64GB) Rs. 14,499
Infinix Hot 30i (4+64GB) Rs. 14,499
Infinix Hot 30i (8+128GB) Rs. 16,999
Infinix Hot 40i (4+128GB) Rs. 14,999
Infinix Hot 40i (8+128GB) Rs. 17,999
Infinix Hot 40i (8+256GB) Rs. 19,999
Infinix Smart 6 (3+64GB) Rs. 14,999
Infinix Hot 12i (4+64GB) Rs. 15,599
Infinix Hot 20i (4+128GB) Rs. 15,999
Infinix Hot 12 Play (4+64GB) Rs. 16,699
Infinix Hot 20 (6+128GB) Rs. 16,999
Infinix Hot 12 Play (4+128GB) Rs. 18,299
Infinix Hot 12 (6+128GB) Rs. 21,999
Infinix Hot 12 Pro (6+64GB) Rs. 19,899
Infinix Note 30 (8+256GB) Rs. 23,999
Infinix Note 12 (6+128GB) Rs. 25,999
Infinix Zero 30 (4G) (8+256GB) Rs. 33,999


Model   Best Buying Price
Moto E13 (2+64GB) Rs. 11,999
Moto E7 Plus (4+64GB) Rs. 16,590
Moto E7 Power (4+64GB) Rs. 15,990
Moto E7 Plus (4+64GB) Rs. 16,590
Moto E40 (4+64GB) Rs. 19,999
Moto G9 Play (4+128GB) Rs. 19,990
Moto G22 (4+128GB) Rs. 22,499
Moto G31 (4+128GB) Rs. 23,999


Model                                         Best Buying Price
Benco Y11 (1+32GB) Rs. 6,999
Benco V60 (2+32GB) Rs. 10,349
Benco V60 (3+32GB) Rs. 10,849
Benco V62 (2+32GB) Rs. 10,499
Benco V70 (2+32GB) Rs. 9,999
Benco V70 (2+64GB) Rs. 10,399
Benco V80 (3+32GB) Rs. 9,639
Benco V80 (4+64GB) Rs. 13,599
Benco V82 (4+64GB) Rs. 11,999
Benco V90 (4+64GB) Rs. 11,999
Benco V90 (4+128GB) Rs. 12,999
Benco V90 Plus (4+128GB) Rs. 11,599 (New)
Benco V91 (4+128GB) Rs. 13,599
Benco V91 (8+128GB) Rs. 14,399
Benco S1 (6+128GB) Rs. 13,999
Benco S1 (8+128GB) Rs. 14,999
Benco S1 Pro (8+256GB) Rs. 19,999
Benco S1 Plus (8+256GB) Rs. 19,999 (New)


Model                                   Best Buying Price
Spark Go 2023 (4+64GB) Rs. 11,990 (New)
Pop 6 (2+32GB) Rs. 12,490
Pop 5 LTE (3+32GB) Rs. 13,990
Spark 8C (3+64GB) Rs. 14,990
Spark 10C (8+128GB) Rs. 15,990
Spark 20C (8+128GB) Rs. 15,990
Spark 8 (4+64GB) Rs. 15,990
Spark 7T (4+128GB) Rs. 17,990
Spark 20 (8+256GB) Rs. 17,990
Camon 20 (8+256GB) Rs. 22,990
Camon 17P (6+128GB) Rs. 23,690
Pova Neo (6+128GB) Rs. 21,990
Pova 5 (8+128GB) Rs. 20,990
Pova 2 (6+128GB) Rs. 23,990
Pova 3 (6+128GB) Rs. 23,990
Spark 20 Pro+ (8+256GB) Rs. 26,990 (New)
Pova 6 (12+256GB) Rs. 35,999 (New)
Phantom X (8+256GB) Rs. 64,990


Model                                     Best Buying Price
A17 (1+16GB) Rs. 6,990
A27 (1+16GB) Rs. 9,990
A48 (2+32GB) Rs. 10,490
A49 (2+32GB) Rs. 11,300
Vision 1 Pro (2+32GB) Rs. 10,990
Vision 1 Pro (3+32GB) Rs. 11,480
A70 (4+64GB) Rs. 11,490
Vision 2 (3+64GB) Rs. 13,890
Vision 3 (2+32GB) Rs. 12,400
Vision 3 (3+64GB) Rs. 13,990
Vision 3 (4+64GB) Rs. 15,400
A60s (4+128GB) Rs. 12,690
S23 (8/128GB) Rs. 15,890


Model Best Buying Price
Blade L210 (1+32GB) Rs. 7,990
Blade A51 Lite (2+32GB) Rs. 11,490
Blade A51 (2+32GB) Rs. 12,990
Blade A52 (4+64GB) Rs. 16,499
Blade V30 Vita (4+64GB) Rs. 17,990

Mobile Price in Nepal

The Trend of Smartphones in Nepal

Smartphones have become more or less a basic need for humans. The expanding growth of technological advancements has pushed all age groups to own a smartphone. From keypad phones to QWERTY keyboard phones to touch screen phones to a full-fledged smartphone, the trend has been now all about smartphones.

Besides taking a simple phone call, these modern-day phones offer the world on your screen, technically. You just need an internet connection and a smartphone, you can do a whole lot of things. Plus, social media, esports gaming, friends circle, and other factors have increased the demand for smartphones by a big margin in recent years.

Cheap vs Midrange vs Premium Smartphones

Let’s begin with the most popular segment of smartphones– the budget ones. To put in numbers, smartphones costing under 20,000 rupees are considered as the budget midrange segment. The price usually begins above 10,000 rupees to be precise. This segment caters to those looking for a basic smartphone experience with more focus on social media, light usage, and light gaming. Every major smartphone brand like Xiaomi/Redmi, Samsung, Realme, Vivo, Honor, and Tecno have their phones in the segment. But let me remind you, the processor and camera aspects are just on the decent side.

Getting to the midrange arena, you’ll get to see multiple options too from the aforementioned brands. Here, you’ll find better chipsets, displays, and cameras than the budget midrange segment. Actually, it is a broader section that begins from 20K and goes up to 50-55K. So, you might also want to seek the value-for-money smartphones here, that can provide the best specs at a competitive price.

Coming to the premium midrange segment (above 55K to under 1 lakh rupees) you’ll find the specs amped up in almost every aspect. The design and camera side of things gets more premium plus the SoCs are also of flagship-grade here. So, the segment caters to those seeking a flagship-like experience under 1 lakh rupees.

Now, the top-of-the-line smartphones above (1 lakh rupees), Samsung Galaxy, and Apple iPhones are the top contenders. You can also find flagship phones from Xiaomi, OnePlus, and Honor. The contenders here offer the most powerful performance, stellar cameras, and best-in-class displays. The flagship segment is more directed towards those wanting the best in the competition, where price is not a major concern.

Where to buy smartphones at the best price in Nepal?

As always, you should get a smartphone from authorized stores and genuine sellers like Hukut. It will reflect a lot on after-sales support and genuineness. Meanwhile, you can browse through a plethora of smartphones on Gadgetbyte with their buying links, to make it easy. Always make sure of the product and buying place, before making a purchase.

How much to spend on a smartphone in Nepal?

Well, the answer depends on your budget and needs. If you are a very basic user or want to buy a smartphone for your parents for the sake of a smartphone experience, you can opt for the budget segment. But if you are someone who wants a decent camera and usage experience, the midrange segment is where you should go. You can find dozens of options here. So, make sure to compare your choices and choose the best that suits your needs and budget. Or, you can stretch your budget for a premium midrange smartphone or even a flagship phone. It all comes down to your preference, choice, and budget.

Mobile Price in Nepal: Conclusion

Mobile price in Nepal differs from one smartphone brand to another. Some brands may offer better smartphones with better specs at cheaper prices than others. So, one must explore different models available at similar price segments, do proper market research, and then proceed to buy a smartphone. For that, you can always count on our buy guides articles and YouTube videos to know which is the best phone for you.

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