Mobile Price in Nepal

This is the Mobile Price in Nepal section where you will find the latest price of all the smartphones available in Nepal officially (2021). In Nepal, smartphones are mostly sold via offline retail shops. Only 8% account for online sales. However, with Alibaba-owned Daraz making its presence in Nepal, mobile brands are launching few models like the S20 FE, exclusively on online platforms.

However, offline sales still rule with over 90% market share. But, with significant internet penetration here in Nepal, we can predict online sales will be going to surge in years to come.


Model Best Buying Price
Galaxy M01 Core (1+16GB) Rs.8,399
Galaxy M01 Core (2+32GB) Rs.9,999
Galaxy M02 (2+32GB) Rs.11,999  
Galaxy M02 (3+32GB) Rs.12,999
Galaxy M02s (3+32GB) Rs.14,499  
Galaxy M02s (4+64GB) Rs.15,999  
Galaxy A03s (3+32GB) Rs.15,499 (New)
Galaxy A03s (4+64GB) Rs.16,999 (New)  
Galaxy A12 (4+64GB) Rs.18,999
Galaxy A12 (4+128GB) Rs.19,999
Galaxy A12 Exynos (4+128GB) Rs.19,999  
Galaxy M12 (4+64GB) Rs.18,499  
Galaxy M12 (6+128GB) Rs.22,499  
Galaxy F22 (4+64GB) Rs.20,499 (New)
Galaxy F22 (6+128GB) Rs.23,999 (New)
Galaxy A22 (6+128GB) Rs.27,999
Galaxy M32 (4+64GB) Rs.24,999  
Galaxy M32 (6+128GB) Rs.27,999  
Galaxy A32 (6+128GB) Rs.31,999  
Galaxy A32 (8+128GB) Rs.34,999  
Galaxy F42 5G (6+128GB) Rs.34,999 (New)
Galaxy F42 5G (8+128GB) Rs.38,999 (New)
Galaxy M51 (6+128GB) Rs.39,999  
Galaxy M51 (8+128GB) Rs.43,999
Galaxy M62 (6+128GB) Rs.39,999  
Galaxy M62 (8+128GB) Rs.42,999  
Galaxy M52 (6+128GB) Rs.42,999 (Price drop)
Galaxy M52 (8+128GB) Rs.45,999 (Price drop)
Galaxy A52 (8+128GB) Rs.41,999  
Galaxy A52s (6+128GB) Rs.53,999  
Galaxy A52s (8+128GB) Rs.55,999  
Galaxy A72 (8+128GB) Rs.51,999  
Galaxy A72 (8+256GB) Rs.56,999  
Galaxy Note 10 Lite (8+128GB) Rs.58,999
Galaxy S20 FE (8+128GB) Rs.69,999  
Galaxy S20 FE (8+256GB) Rs.74,999  
Galaxy S20+ (128GB) Rs.94,999 
Galaxy Note 20 (256GB) Rs.1,09,999 
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (128GB) Rs.1,39,999 
Galaxy S21 (256GB) Rs.1,09,999  
Galaxy S21+ (256GB) Rs.1,29,999  
Galaxy S21 Ultra (256GB) Rs.1,54,999 
Galaxy Z Fold 2 (256GB) Rs.2,09,999
Galaxy Z Flip 3 (256GB) Rs.124,999 (New)
Galaxy Z Fold 3 (256GB) Rs.2,19,999 (New)
Galaxy Z Fold 3 (512GB) Rs.2,29,999 (New)


Apple Models Maximum Retail Price (MRP)
iPhone 11 (64GB) Rs.86,900
iPhone 11 (128GB) Rs.94,900
iPhone 11 (256GB) Out of Stock
iPhone 12 (64GB) Rs.120,900  
iPhone 12 (128GB) Rs.128,900  
iPhone 12 (256GB) Rs.144,900
iPhone 13 Mini (128GB) Rs. 120,990 (New) 
iPhone 13 Mini (256GB) Rs. 137,990 (New) 
iPhone 13 Mini (512GB) Rs. 171,990 (New) 
iPhone 13 (128GB) Rs. 137,990 (New) 
iPhone 13 (256GB) Rs. 154,990 (New) 
iPhone 13 (512GB) Rs. 189,990 (New) 
iPhone 13 Pro (128GB) Rs. 174,990 (New) 
iPhone 13 Pro (256GB) Rs. 189,990 (New) 
iPhone 13 Pro (512GB) Rs. 224,990 (New) 
iPhone 13 Pro (1TB) Rs. 255,990 (New) 
iPhone 13 Pro Max (128GB) Rs. 189,990 (New) 
iPhone 13 Pro Max (256GB) Rs. 205,990 (New) 
iPhone 13 Pro Max (512GB) Rs. 239,990 (New) 
iPhone 13 Pro Max (1TB) Rs. 274,990 (New) 


Models Maximum Retail Price (MRP)
Redmi 9A (2+32GB) Rs.11,999  
Redmi 9C (2+32GB) Rs.12,999  
Redmi 9C (3+64GB) Rs.14,999  
Redmi 9C (4+128GB) Rs.16,999  
Redmi 9 Power /9T (4+64GB) Rs.18,999
Redmi 9 Power /9T (4+128GB) Rs.20,999  
Redmi 9 Power (6+128GB) Rs.21,999  
Redmi 10 Prime (4+64GB) Rs.20,999 (New) 
Redmi 10 Prime (6+128GB) Rs.23,999 (New) 
Redmi Note 10s (6+64GB) Rs.25,999 
Redmi Note 10s (6+128GB) Rs.27,999  
Redmi Note 10s (8+128GB) Rs.29,999  
Redmi Note 10 Pro (6+64GB) Rs.29,999  
Redmi Note 10 Pro (6+128GB) Rs.33,999  
Redmi Note 10 Pro (8+128GB) Rs.36,999  
Mi 11 Lite (6+128GB) Rs.34,999  
Xiaomi 11 Lite NE (8+128GB) Rs.45,999 (New)  
Xiaomi 11 Lite NE (8+256GB) Rs.48,999 (New)  
Mi 11X Pro (8+128GB) Rs.64,999
Mi 11X Pro (8+256GB) Rs.67,999
Mi 11 (8+256GB) Rs.89,999  


Model Maximum Retail Price (MRP)
Poco C3 (3+32GB) Rs.13,999  
Poco C3 (4+64GB) Rs.14,999  
Poco M2 Reloaded (4+64GB) Rs.17,999 (New)   
Poco M3 (4+64GB) Rs.17,999  
Poco M3 (4+128GB) Rs.19,999  
Poco M3 Pro (4+64GB) Rs.23,999  
Poco M3 Pro (6+128GB) Rs.26,999   
Poco X3 NFC (6+128GB) Rs.29,999  
Poco X3 (6+128GB) Rs.29,999  
Poco X3 (8+128GB) Rs.31,999  
Poco X3 Pro (6+128GB) Rs.31,999  
Poco X3 Pro (8+128GB) Rs.34,999
Poco X3 Pro (8+256GB) Rs.36,999
Poco F3 (6+128GB) Rs.46,999
Poco F3 (8+256GB) Rs.51,999  
Poco F3 GT (8+256GB) Rs.51,999 (Price drop)  


Models Maximum Retail Price (MRP)
Vivo Y91c 2020 Rs.12,999  
Vivo Y1s Rs.13,599 (New)
Vivo Y11 Rs.17,499
Vivo Y12s Rs.17,999  
Vivo Y20 (3+64GB) Rs.19,990   
Vivo Y20 (4+64GB) Rs.22,799
Vivo Y20s (4+128GB) Rs.25,499  
Vivo Y30 (4+64GB) Rs.23,499  
Vivo Y30 (4+128GB) Rs.25,999  
Vivo Y51 (8+128GB) Rs.33,499  
Vivo Y53s (8+128GB) Rs.34,999 (New)
Vivo V19 Rs.45,999
Vivo V20 SE  Rs.34,999  
Vivo V20  Rs.44,990
Vivo V21 SE  Rs.39,999 (New)
Vivo V21  Rs.49,999 (New)


Model Maximum Retail Price (MRP)
OPPO A1k (2+32GB) Rs.15,490
Oppo A12 (3+32GB) Rs.14,990  
Oppo A12 (4+64GB) Rs.20,790  
Oppo A15 (3+32GB) Rs.18,590  
Oppo A15s (4+64GB) Rs.21,990  
Oppo A16 (3+32GB) Rs.18,990 (New) 
Oppo A5 2020 (3+64GB) Rs.22,990
Oppo A5 2020 (4+128GB) Rs.25,490
Oppo A31 (4+128GB) Rs.26,590  
Oppo A52 (4+128GB) Rs.29,990  
Oppo A53 (4+64GB) Rs.22,990  
Oppo A54 (4+128GB) Rs.25,990 (New)
Oppo A9 2020 (8+128GB) Rs.33,590
Oppo F15 (8+128GB) Rs.39,990  
Oppo F17 (6+128GB) Rs.33,990  
Oppo F17 Pro (8+128GB) Rs.43,990  
Oppo F19 (6+128GB) Rs.31,990  
Oppo F19 Pro (8+128GB) Rs.41,990  
Oppo Reno 3 (8+128GB) Rs.46,990  


Model Maximum Retail Price (MRP)
Realme C11 2021 (2+32GB) Rs.12,499 (New)
Realme C11 2021 (4+64GB) Rs.14,999 (New)
Realme C20 (2+32GB) Rs.12,849 (New)
Realme C21 (4+64GB) Rs.16,999 (New) 
Realme C21Y (3+32GB) Rs.15,399 (New) 
Realme C21Y (4+64GB) Rs.17,099 (New) 
Realme Narzo 50i (2+32GB) Rs.12,499 (New)
Realme Narzo 50i (4+64GB) Rs.15,499 (New)
Realme Narzo 50A (4+64GB) Rs.19,499 (New)
Realme Narzo 50A (4+128GB) Rs.21,199 (New)
Realme 8 (6+128GB) Rs.28,799 (New)
Realme 8 (8+128GB) Rs.30,499 (New)
Realme 8i (4+64GB) Rs.23,799 (New)  
Realme 8i (6+128GB) Rs.27,199 (New)  
Realme GT Neo 2 (8+128GB) Rs.54,199 (New)
Realme GT Neo 2 (12+256GB) Rs.60,999 (New) 


Model Maximum Retail Price (MRP)
One Plus N100 (4+64GB) Rs.23,499
One Plus N10 5G (6+128GB) Rs.39,490    
OnePlus Nord CE (8+128GB) Rs.44,999
OnePlus Nord CE (12+256GB) Rs.51,499
OnePlus Nord 2 (8+128GB) Rs.59,999 (New)
OnePlus Nord 2 (12+256GB) Rs.69,999 (New)  
OnePlus 8T (8+128GB) Rs.78,999
OnePlus 8T (12+256GB) Rs.85,999
OnePlus 9 (12+256GB) Rs.104,990  
OnePlus 9 Pro (8+256GB) Rs.119,990
OnePlus 9 Pro (12+256GB) Rs.129,999


Model Maximum Retail Price (MRP)
Nokia C1 Rs.7,199
Nokia C1 2nd Edition Rs.7,699
Nokia C1 Plus Rs.8,399  
Nokia C2 Rs.9,299
Nokia C20 (1/16GB) Rs.9,999  
Nokia C20 (2/32GB) Rs.10,999  
Nokia 1.4  Rs.12,899
Nokia C30 Rs.14,199 (New)
Nokia G10 Rs.14,999 (New) 
Nokia G20 Rs.19,999 (New) 


Model Maximum Retail Price (MRP)
Infinix Hot 9 Play Rs.11,490
Infinix Hot 9 Play Turbo Rs.14,990
Infinix Smart 5 (2/32GB) Rs.12,990   
Infinix Smart 5 (3/64GB) Rs.14,490   
Infinix Hot 10 Play (4/64GB) Rs.17,140  (New)
Infinix Hot 10 (4/128GB) Rs.18,490  
Infinix Note 10 (6/128GB) Rs.23,140 (New)
Infinix Hot 10s (4/128GB) Rs.19,990 (New)


Model  Maximum Retail Price (MRP) 
Moto E7 Power (2/32GB)  Rs.12,999 
Moto E7 Power (4/64GB)  Rs.15,990 (New)
Moto E7 Plus (4/64GB)  Rs.16,590   
Moto G9 Play (4/128GB)  Rs.19,990 


Model Maximum Retail Price (MRP)
Huawei Y5p Rs.10,090
Huawei Y6s Rs.16,790
Huawei Y6p Rs.17,490  
Huawei Y7p Rs.23,990  
Huawei Y8p Rs.26,990
Huawei Y9s Rs.33,900
Huawei P40 Pro Rs.129,990


Model Maximum Retail Price (MRP)
Honor 7S Rs.10,999
Honor 8s Rs.12,599
Honor 8A Lite Rs.14,299
Honor 8A Pro Rs.15,699  
Honor 9X Lite Rs.23,999  
Honor 9X  Rs.28,990  


Model Maximum Retail Price (MRP)
Spark 6 Go (2+32GB) Rs. 11,990
Spark 6 Go (4+64GB) Rs. 14,490
Spark 7 (2+32GB) Rs. 12,990
Spark 7T (4+64GB) Rs. 16,490
Spark 7T (4+128GB) Rs. 17,990
Spark 7 Pro (6+64GB) Rs. 19,890
Camon 17P (6+128GB) Rs. 23,690 (New) 
Pova (6+128GB) Rs. 20,490
Pova 2 (6+128GB) Rs. 23,990
Phantom X Rs. 64,990 (New) 


Model Maximum Retail Price (MRP)
Symphony Z18 NPR 12,244
Symphony Z28 NPR 13,744 
Symphony Z30 Pro NPR 16,836
Symphony Z32 NPR 13,264 (New) 
Symphony Z40 NPR 17,999


Model Maximum Retail Price (MRP)
Coolpad Cool N7 Plus NPR 15,299 (4/64GB)
Coolpad Cool 5 NPR 14,399 (4/64GB) 
Coolpad Cool 6 NPR 19,995 (6/128GB) 
Coolpad Cool 10A NPR 12,495 (2/64GB) 
Coolpad Cool 10 NPR 15,495 (4/64GB) 
Coolpad Cool 10 NPR 17,495 (4/128GB)
Coolpad Cool 12A NPR 13,495 (3/32GB) 
Coolpad Cool S NPR 18,995 (4/128GB) 
Coolpad Cool X NPR 17,999 (4/64GB)


Model Maximum Retail Price (MRP)
Lava Iris 31 Rs.4,999
Lava Iris 43 Rs.5,899
Lava Iris 45 Rs.6,299
Lava Iris 50c Rs.7,599
Lava Iris 51 Rs.7,999
Lava Iris 52 Rs.9,499
Lava Iris 54 Rs.7,999
Lava Iris 61 Rs.6,799
Lava Iris 65 Rs.8,999
Lava Iris 88 Rs.10,999
Lava Iris 89 Rs.11,999
Lava V+ 6 Prime Rs.9,999
Lava R3 Prime Rs.18,999
Lava R3 Note Rs.13,999
Lava R5 Rs.22,999
Lava R5v Rs.14,499
Lava R5 Play Rs.12,799
Lava Benco V7 Rs.9,999  
Lava Benco V8 Rs.12,999  
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